Upgrading to .NET core,  Why .NET core in 2021?

Building outstanding web applications and cloud applications gives your business a competitive edge. This is why choosing the right development framework and stacks is crucial for your business to increase workflow efficiency and operational productivity. Modern-day technology demands modern frameworks and mature programming languages that can fulfill the challenging and evolving business demands. They need a robust, scalable, interoperable, cross-platform, developmental framework that gives them the freedom and power to develop according to the needs of the company.  

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When it comes to developing and writing enterprise-grade technologies, no one does it better than Microsoft. With the huge success of ASP.NET 4.x among developers worldwide, Microsoft has launched an updated version of ASP.NET with a more modular and leaner architectural structure- ASP.NET Core. So, how does upgrading to .NET Core helps your business and what powerful features does it pack?


Technically, .NET Core is an expanded, refined version of the .NET framework. .NET Core is used to build every kind of software including Web applications, mobile apps, desktop applications, cloud services, microservices, APIs, games, and IoT applications. It is a powerhouse of advanced features and much more versatile and meticulous, compared to other software frameworks. 

.NET Core Improvements over .NET Framework:

Both the .NET Framework and .NET Core have their uses. In terms of improvement, .NET Core is best used for Cross-platform application development, for enabling developers to leverage Command Line Interface control (CLI), and for deploying enterprise cloud applications and for deploying cloud applications. Moreover, .NET Core is modular and scalable in nature that makes it the best framework for deploying micro-services. Although .NET Core is a robust and powerful development framework, some functionalities such as the dichotomy between Entity Framework Core and Entity Framework v6 that are still found in the .NET Framework are still missing. Here are a few key features of .NET Core:

  • Cross-platform (OS platform): runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • Installation is standalone and side-by-side. You can run different versions of .NET Core for different applications on the same computer
  • High performance: improvements over .NET Framework in Collections, Math, Regex, Strings, Files, and more
  • Open Source: part of the .NET Foundation and generally licensed under either an MIT or Apache 2 license
  • Fast built-in JSON support
  • Support for MSIX Deployment in Windows Desktop.

Why should you upgrade to .NET Core?

.NET Core is a versatile framework

Due to its cross-platform support, .NET Core is one of the most versatile application development frameworks available on the market. Developers can use it for a wide variety of operating systems and chipsets and are no longer required to work only with Windows applications via expensive windows licenses. Windows OS, Linux OS, macOS, etc are all supported by .NET Core. It is also great for mobile application development as it supports apps in Android and iOS. 

Being Open-source has its benefits

One of the most important reasons why you should upgrade to the .NET Core framework is, the framework, runtime, and libraries of .NET Core are open-source and this has gained immense usability among web application developers. Most of the code for the .NET Core system is on GitHub and is managed by Microsoft and other open-source communities. This means it can evolve more quickly and efficiently. This not only benefits the open-source communities but also allows true interoperability and cross-platform development, along with added scalability. This definitely helps save time.

High performance

Superior performance is one of the most crucial factors that every developer desires and .NET Core delivers exactly that. With .NET Core, you can be assured of excellent performance, flexibility, and scalability that aids in writing easy-to-maintain, reusable, and efficient programming codes. Moreover, .NET Core has sophisticated programming features including automatic memory management, package management, garbage collection, asynchronous programming, multi-language support, and easy customization. 

Development is simple and easy

Simplicity in development is what makes .NET Core one of the best frameworks for developers. Key functionalities such as client authentication, form submission, and site configuration are faster and easier with .NET Core. The MVC architecture (Model-View-Controller) allows the developers to code, test, or debug an app in any of the above architectures. It also requires no complex process for registering the components and hence it is very simple and easy to work with .NET Core. 

In the current technological world, applications, websites, and microservices require a powerful and experienced framework and nothing beats .NET Core when it comes it fulfilling those demands. NET Core is its open-source nature and its ability to be leveraged for a variety of platforms/operating systems, without requiring expensive Windows licenses, which allows it to be used by a variety of companies while mitigating costs associated with proprietary licenses. .NET Core has the potential to become the go-to development framework for numerous companies, for a variety of software development needs and it is the future for multi-platform apps. Thus, this is the right time for your business to migrate to .NET Core and we can help. 

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In short, ASP.NET Core is a high-performance, cross-platform, open-source framework that features cutting-edge functionality and allows building cloud-based web applications. We bring the best of ASP.NET Core for you.