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Today businesses are constantly adding new offerings to their product or service line and complementing that with upgrades in their existing line of products/services. In this kind of an environment, it is necessary for firms to invest heavily in product R&D. They need to keep constant surveillance on the market to look out for changing trends or shifting consumer demands and react accordingly. Firms have realized the importance of first mover advantage and that is the reason that they continually strive to come up with new innovative products and try to avoid stagnancy. 

At Intone, we aspire to help you develop products which deliver total value to your clients and enable you to add innovation to your products to extend that benefit to your clientele.

Data Verification and Data Validation Techniques

In the epoch of data analytics, the use of analytics is no longer reserved for massive, well-funded businesses. Data a...
Enterprise Data Design and Data Integration

Understanding the Stages of the Data Processing Cycle: A Comprehensive Guide

The entire virtual world is a form of data that is continuously being processed. This processing is supplied to the us...
Data Management, Data privacy & Big Data Analytics
Understanding the Stages of the Data Processing Cycle: A Comprehensive Guide
Data transfer and manipulation

Data Transfer and Manipulation: Solving Business Problems With Technology

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Data Management, Data privacy & Big Data Analytics

Revolutionizing Patient Care: Big Data Management in Healthcare

In recent years, there has been an overwhelming increase in the volume of data within the healthcare industry, usherin...
big data management in healthcare
cloud data integration

Cloud Data Integration - Varied Benefits and Key Challenges

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Data Integration and Architecture

A Guide To Maximizing Efficiency With Data Integration in Data Mining

The 21st century has brought with it the age of digital gold. Data is the new bread and butter of globalization, techn...
Enterprise Data Design and Data Integration
Data integration in data mining

PSQAS System

Transformation of Public Service Qualification Assessment System (PSQAS) for large Government Administrative Services Department.

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