The advent of top-of-the-line technology coupled with cost containment and increased demand for quality healthcare has opened up multiple avenues for healthcare firms to be transformed in  recent times. As the horizon of opportunities has increased, the quantum of challenges has also grown.

Innovation and Solution Driven Health is the cornerstone of Intone’s approach to enable our clients to deliver more efficient, effective and affordable healthcare.

Our committed professionals provide solutions to optimize business through digitization and operational transformation and technology and combine real-world experience, clinical and business insights and new, enabling intelligent technologies and solutions to deliver the power of Insight and a world class and dynamic Solution Driven Health practice. From analytics and predictive modelling to CRM, cloud and infrastructure management to financial transformation and compliance, we provide holistic solutions to the Health industry.

We at Intone work with the world’s leading healthcare payers, providers and public health entities and we offer a wide range of end-to-end services that help them become the intelligent healthcare enterprises of the future, incorporating operational digitization and transformation resulting in a superior consumer experience,  – end to end, from the back office of our healthcare entity clients to the doctor’s office.

We are keeping health consumers at the forefront and at the core of our business.

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