Global healthcare systems have crumbled down in the face of the pandemic, as the number of patients filing through these systems shot up tremendously. This whitepaper covers the factors that played a major role in the downfall of the healthcare system, such as

  • Shortage of healthcare personnel
  • Scheduling conflicts
  • Gradual increase in infrastructure costs
  • Loss of manpower hours to routine tasks
  • Patient data management

This whitepaper also addresses how an intelligent virtual assistant, such as Intone HealthAI powered by Enterprise Bot can help tackle the problems. HealthAI offers

  • An increase of 30-40% in output and an overall scaleup in the hospital workforce and care delivery
  • Up to 50% reduction in operational costs upon deployment
  • 90%+ EHR, ensuring accurate inpatient records and enabling you to predict and treat diseases better.
  • Up to 60% reduction in readmissions by health monitoring of high-risk groups with rapid responses.
  • Automation of front desk operations to eliminate errors.

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