Continuous Auditing and Continuous Monitoring

Data intergration architecture and data analytics
In today’s business environment of rising risks, regulatory activities, and compliance costs, it is crucial that your organization improves the overall risk management effort. This is why you need Continuous Control Monitoring or CCM.

CCM provides a way for you to monitor your critical processes from anywhere at any time, thus ensuring that any deviances from the intended levels of performance and effectiveness are identified before they become too large to correct. Continuous Monitoring and Continuous Auditing allow management and internal audit to continually review business processes to ensure that they are meeting their targets for performance and effectiveness.

We are a Global Technology and Advisory firm with almost two decades of experience providing innovative and intelligent business solutions for our clients so they can focus on their core competencies. Within our Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Practice, we continue to innovate and provide digital transformation solutions to enable our clients to overcome challenges in an ever-changing and dynamic technology and business landscape. Our GRC practice is technology-driven and our clients utilize the latest technology solutions available in the market. One key solution is iCCM.

Intone Continuous Control Monitoring (iCCM) is an end-to-end platform that takes care of your organization’s security, compliance, risk management, and auditing. It connects security, risk, management, compliance, and audit executives, all in one place to enable greater efficiency and better decisions. With iCCM, you can be sure all of your risks are identified and managed, internal and external compliance obligations are addressed, and your organization’s objectives are met.

Power your transformation and create complete visibility with iCCM.

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