Cloud Enablement & Transformation

Cloud Enablement & Transformation

Cloud Enablement and Transformation

Cloud computing is the bedrock on which every firm has to build on if it aspires to be a 21st-century digital powerhouse. As with every other revolution in history, there is immense complexity around transition and cost that can prohibit organizations from embracing this technology. As one strives for shorter lead times and increased reliability, we should keep in mind, the motto of digital transformation: Robust. Rapid. Reliable.

To manage your infrastructure platform, we use code and embrace the future of enterprise computing platform which is enabled using software driven applications which are powered by Al, ML & ChatOps.

Intone’s Stack Aero provides a full stack platform to model, deploy, run and manage applications running in private or public cloud, with common taxonomy and standards that can help adopt any computer platform and operate consistently across any environment powered by API, Mobile and ChatOps.

A poorly planned transition to the cloud will have disastrous results in time and monetary investment. That is why at Intone, we provide clients with the right expertise, tools, and processes that ensure a successful transition to plan, build and manage the cloud infrastructure specific to their business needs.

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