RPA and Intelligent Automation help take the burden of tedious and repetitive tasks off the shoulders of employees and give them the ability to enjoy creative freedom. RPA and IA are two tried and tested technological advancements that have helped organizations do the seemingly impossible by increasing customer satisfaction and team morale without compromising operational costs. Despite being closely tied to one another, RPA and IA have their own sets of differences, and this article explores those differences.

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software developed to automate repetitive tasks and to help businesses improve quality, speed, and efficiency. RPA bots can carry out scenarios ranging from an automated response to an email to deploying hundreds of bots, each programmed to automate a specific task in an intricate system.

RPA’s are deployed in numerous instances to smoothen out tedious and repetitive tasks. Processes such as web analytics, payroll processing, patient registration, invoice processing, employee onboarding, and credit card applications are a few examples where RPAs are commonly deployed.

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What is IA?

Intelligent Automation (IA) could be called the next step in the evolution of RPA, with IA integrating technologies such as RPA, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP), to provide digital solutions to operational business processes. IA is a significant technological leap because it gives employees such as customer service agents more time to have meaningful conversations to connect with the customer on a more personal level. This will not only give the customer an overall better experience but also elevate the nature of the brand. 

Situations and processes where IA is deployed are far and wide. These range from healthcare, inventory control, life sciences, Intelligent Virtual Assistant Market, insurance, and even the automotive industry.

How is RPA and Intelligent Automation Different?

Intelligent automation and robotic process automation, despite sounding similar, are not the same and are meant for different purposes. RPA is used to automate work that has no variation. It could be a very simple process, such as logging into your email, with the same id and password, day in and day out. Repetitive tasks that string together to form simple processes can be handled easily by RPA. Such processes offer almost no variation and fall within the threshold of RPA capabilities.

IA proves to be superior to RPA by simulating human intelligence with the help of AI and also has the necessary capabilities and tools to carry out high-functioning tasks that require reasoning, analysis, and quick decision-making abilities. IA integrates all RPA capabilities and it brings to the table process automations that are only possible by having bots that learn and adapt in real-time. Such superiority in function and adaptability has made many experts conclude that RPA is a stopgap to an eventual full IA integration.

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Why Intone?

From the automation of repetitive tasks to the simulation of human intelligence, RPA and IA are changing the very way processes are carried out in industries. Although IA is still being perfected, RPA has long since made its mark and is being widely used by companies and brands around the world. 

Here at Intone, our RPA solutions are making waves and are producing great numbers across our portfolio. Intones RPA solutions have proven to be .5x more effective than Amazon Lex and 1.2x more effective than Google Dialogflow and 1.2x more responsive than IBM Watson when it comes to NLP Analysis. With higher accuracy than our competitors, a no-code and low-code platform availability, and more than 95% automated query resolution with 40% NPS improvement, Intone has the solution to all your RPA needs. Intone has catered to the needs of all its customers whether it is RPA in Insurance or RPA in Healthcare, Intone has helped them embrace what we like to call ‘The New Age of Digitization’.