Data Analytics & Data Integration Architecture

Data intergration architecture and data analytics
Data Integration Architecture and Data Analytics

When we design systems we ensure data visibility and data alignment at all levels. Through enterprise data design we ensure that from a collection of master blueprints we can streamline the use of data emanating from IT programs and information assets so data is completely aligned with business strategy.

EDA is used to guide integration, quality enhancement and successful data delivery. It is a part of the enterprise architecture, which consists of several integrated aspects, including hardware, applications, business processes, technology choices, networks and data.

The demand for data has grown exponentially and rapid integration is now considered a business requirement. Using open source software, data integration architecture can be built that handles storage, movement, and analysis of data.

A data integration strategy must work across multiple platforms, including within it a wide variety of data sources, and perform processing of critical data in real-time.

Intone uses analytics to reshape sales, operations, and strategy on many fronts. Real-time processing of customer data creates new revenue opportunities. Tracking devices with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors are performing a multitude of functions such as enhancing operational efficiency, reducing risk and yielding new insights and analytics. New approaches to AI such as machine learning help in accelerating and improving the accuracy of business predictions.

Let us help you to unleash the power and potential of data so you have a real competitive advantage.


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