Front-End Robotic Process Automation

Through our robotic process automation service, let us redefine how your business engages with customers and assist in resolving customer queries to their ultimate satisfaction.

Front-End Robotic Process Automation

Our Robotic Process Automation Products

Live Chat

Customize the UI of your live chat interface as per your brand style and personality to match the look and feel of your website.

Share your files with others across different locations and collaborate online effectively with live chat support.
Make your customer conversation as interactive as face-to-face with the video upgrade option to your phone conversation.
Track visitors as they move through your website in real-time and send proactive chat invites.


Customize your chatbot with thousands of pre-built skills or add your own skill in seconds.
Configure responses and align them to your corporate communication guidelines and customer expectations.
Benefit from integrating your chatbot with complex custom core systems, CRM, ITSM, RPA, and many more.
Customize the UI of the chatbot with carousels, product images, weblinks, and other custom elements.

Voice Bot

Voice Bot analyses the customer queries, understands user needs and automatically responds to them.
It can transfer calls to respective agents based on the customer’s query or request.
Evaluates customer’s speech in order to determine and understand the context, and sentiment.
Provides detailed analytics and key performance metrics to continuously improve the bot.

Email Bot

Email Bot’s proprietary NLU Engine processes and understands complex user queries with a high degree of precision.
The bot understands the customer’s request, the sentiment of the email, creates a classification and drafts a response for the email.
The AI engine analyzes the email and either forwards it to the correct department or directly responds to it.
An agent analyses customer interactions and key performance metrics to continuously improve the bot.

Our Solutions

Healthai - Healthcare Assistant

Improve Performance

Elevate operational efficiency to all sections of your facility with easy-to-access data and AI-powered insights.

Transform Patient Experience

With conversational healthcare, you can optimize every patient journey, enhance diagnosis & treatment.

Streamline Population Health Management

Ensure seamless access to every patient EHR available within a single window to ensure faster and comprehensive care based on real-time data.

Ensure patient records accuracy

Ensure patient records accuracy with NLP-powered EHRs and derive valuable insights to predict future possibilities of specific diseases.

EVA - Employee Virtual Assistant

Smoother Onboarding Experience

Easily automate repetitive onboarding procedures such as employee documentation, form submissions, assessments, and orientation.

Multilingual Auto-Response

Integrated our ITSM virtual assistant into any existing ITIL service management system with ease.

Faster Access to HR Documentation

Reduce the overall time-to-deployment with datasets of 250+ different use-cases that have been tried and tested for various ITIL related business challenges

Facilitate HR Services

Measure the urgency of requests and prioritize tasks with agility with the help of Meta-Learning and accurate Sentiment Analytics.

Flash - ITSM Virtual Assistant

Incident Management

Ensure prompt incident handling and incident resolution with utmost accuracy with our ITSM virtual assistant

Knowledge Management

With our ITSM virtual assistant, IT helpdesk agents can access an unlimited volume of data from knowledge databases.

Omnichannel Self-Service

Our chatbots can handle low-tier incidents, saving plenty of time for agents and employees and letting them focus on complex issues.

Asset Management

Our ITSM virtual assistants help IT helpdesk teams monitor and manage IT hardware and software assets, and identify anomalies in real-time.

EVA - Employee Virtual Assistant

Resolve Customer Incidents Faster

Integrate different platforms and channels onto a single interface to ensure Contact Centres can address concerns faster.

Deliver more Personalised Experiences

By gaining access to real-time customer data, EBCx utilizes NLP and Meta-Learning to deliver a more personalized experience to customers.

Seamless Multi-Channel Communication

EBCx is capable of communicating with customers through their preferred medium, irrespective of the choice.

Reduce Human Error

EBCx automates communication across your Contact Centre, reducing human error and mistakes.

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