In the ever-evolving business ecosystem, the search for new ways to improve customer service never ends and voice bots have emerged as a new approach to interactive customer support. Voice bots have been around for a number of years, but they are increasingly making their way into customer service. With voice bots, the automation of customer service is now possible and it’s changing the game for companies big and small. Voice bots are interactive voice response systems that use voice recognition to answer questions and provide information. They can answer customer questions and solve problems without ever needing human interaction. Voice can be used by companies of any size to improve their customer service and reduce costs at the same time.

Intone’s Voice bots have a number of advantages over human-based customer service, including speed and accuracy. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of voice bots in customer service and how they are changing the future of customer service. 

Sentiment Analysis

Businesses are still reeling from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and this unique situation has brought a wave of anxiety, confusion, and uncertainty among both organizations as well as customers. This is why dealing and responding to customers with empathy is crucial today. With Intone’s Voice Bot, you can leverage the sentiment analysis feature and identify the type and intensity of a customer’s sentiment, including anger, joy, and frustration. Analyzing this emotion, the voice bot can steer conservations, change the tone and bring human agents for support. 

Reduce Waiting Times

The average consumer is extremely impatient. If they are on the phone waiting for too long to connect with a live agent, then they will end up hanging up. This can lead to lost revenue for the company if customers are not satisfied with their experience. Voice bots are an effective way of reducing customer waiting time by answering simple questions about products and services immediately without requiring input from a live agent. Voice bots in customer service can reduce the customer waiting times greatly because it eliminates the need for customers to wait in the call queue till the customer service agent becomes available.

Agent Assistant Capabilities

There might be some situations where the voice bot needs the assistance of human agents to handle the customer needs to the fullest satisfaction. Intone’s voice bot can intelligently identify the conversations that require an agent handover and ensures a smooth handover. It can hand over all the details including sentiment analysis scores. It also has agent observation features wherein agents merely monitor conversations instead of completely taking charge. 

Increased Efficiency

Often, in many small or medium-sized organizations, limited resource planning hampers them to provide better customer service over the phone. Even in large enterprises that have a huge customer base, managing all the customer’s queries can become very time-consuming and increase the employees’ workload significantly. With voice bots, you can process simple requests of customers can also create great opportunities for delivering information to large groups of people in short periods of time.

Cost Savings

One of the main advantages of using voice bots in customer service is that require minimal time and coaching thus reducing the time lag between the setup time and productivity boost. The voice bot can also take over the repetitive tasks that the customer care agent has to deal with, thus allowing them to focus on other valuable tasks. With a voice bot, you can help more customers in less time, this also eliminates the need for extra staff, thus saving cost.  

Personalized Interactions

Voice-based interactions will create new opportunities for personalization. Advanced AI-powered voice bots in customer service equipped with Natural Language Processing (NLP) can recognize the voice and identify the sentiment of the customer. Based on the analysis, voice bots can quickly tap into the information within a customer’s profile to tailor their responses based on a customer’s history with the business. It can also add a user-friendly dimension to the customer service experience.

Easy Accessibility

Customers can interact with voice bots to get help at any time of day and whenever they need it most. This can cost a business a fortune if they use only human employees. Voice bots are a much more efficient option that scales up quickly and efficiently when call volumes are higher. They are active and ready to help 24/7, which means no more long waiting times. 

Voice bots are the latest technological innovation in customer service that can be used to provide interactive voice responses for customers. In an omnichannel future of customer service, only the businesses that invest in voice bots for customer service will come to meet the standards and expectations set by the new-age customers. This is why Intone, offers voice bot solutions as a part of our frontend automation services to create a new and unique customer experience. Powered with contextual AI and word-vectored NLP and continental improvement, our voice bots understand user needs and respond intelligently. With our frontend automation services, you can provide a superior customer experience and always be one step ahead of your competitors.

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