As the healthcare industry is always looking for ways to make their services better for patients, chatbots are quickly becoming more and more prevalent in healthcare settings. Healthcare chatbot offers instant access to information without having to wait on hold or navigate through complicated menus. Intone has recently collaborated with Enterprise Bot, a next-gen AI company that builds AI chatbots to solve the operational business issue. One such tool is HealthAI, an advanced healthcare assistant. With this advanced AI tool, healthcare providers can provide enhanced care, reduce wait times, and improve overall patient satisfaction. Take a look at how healthcare chatbots can add value to the healthcare ecosystem.

How Healthcare chatbot add Value To Patient Experience?

Symptom Checking

HealthAI’s symptom checking feature is built based on thousands of research paper data and delivers you the most consistent experience. It can check patient symptoms, explain the causes and treatment for their symptoms, and even suggests the next steps to seek care.

Appointment Booking and Video Consultation

HealthAI can assist patients in finding the nearest hospital, pharmacy, and other medical facilities based on their symptoms. It helps them set up appointments with their preferred doctor and alerts them to a pre-appointment reminder. Patients can also consult doctors virtually via live video call.

Payment and Billing Assistance

With HealthAI, patients can get access to invoices and can also pay easily for the services via the bot. It can help patients with their billing queries, payment tracking and also enables automated invoicing and online bill payment.

Follow-ups and Reminders

Patients can get updates regarding their treatment and follow-ups in HealthAi. It can also send real-time medication alerts for prescription refills and routine check-ups.

How Can Healthcare Chatbot Add Value To Care Management?

Access Medical Records and Track Patient History

Doctors can easily track and access medical records of their patients from EHRs and can even update them via HealthAI bot. It also has inbuilt NLP that simplifies the complex process of searching through patient history. This way doctors can make predictive health analyses and deliver proactive treatment.

Patient Referral

Using HealthAI, doctors easily refer patients to other departments within the hospital or even to other doctors, if required. Upon checking the doctor’s availability, it automatically books the slot and confirms the referral. Thus, it helps deliver the right care for patients by connecting them to the right specialist.

Send Personalized Offers and Improve Lead Generation

HealthAI analyses every patient engagement and sends them personalized offers, health tips, and even suggests products for better health management. It also connects with prospective patients and categorizes them based on their possibility of conversion. It then allows doctors to prioritize their follow-ups.

With the use of healthcare bots, healthcare organizations can improve patient satisfaction up to 90% and improve the efficiency of hospital workflows by up to 40%. Thus, healthcare chatbots can not only elevate the patient experience but can also reshape clinical care by improving efficiency. At Intone, innovation, and solution-driven health is the cornerstone of our approach to enabling our clients to deliver more efficient, effective, and affordable healthcare. With our frontend automation services, we offer a holistic AI healthcare assistant as a part of our solution that brings in a wide array of advantages to the healthcare ecosystem. From analytics and predictive modeling to CRM, cloud, and infrastructure management to financial transformation and compliance, we provide holistic solutions to the healthcare industry.

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