Customer service chatbots are an innovative way to provide customer service in today’s digitally connected world. Customer Service Chatbots can help your business grow and thrive by providing a better customer experience while saving significant time and money. They can create an environment where your audience is engaged in the conversation with your brand, answer questions, solve problems, and provide live support without the need for any human intervention. Intone has recently collaborated with Enterprise Bot, a next-gen AI company that builds AI chatbots like ITSM chatbots and voice bots to solve operational business issues. With these advanced customer service chatbots, businesses can provide superior customer experiences to their customers. Take a look at how customer service chatbots can add value to your business.

ITSM AI Assistant

Incident Management and Knowledge Management:

Ensure prompt incident handling and resolution with utmost accuracy with the help of our ITSM chatbots. It also has knowledge databases that your agents get unlimited access to.

Omnichannel Self-Service

ITSM virtual assistant enables omnichannel self-service capabilities that can improve your IT productivity and maximize your efficiency significantly.

Asset Management and Request Fulfilment

With AI-powered bots, you can easily manage and monitor IT hardware and software assets. It also enables you to handle common user requests and provide faster and automated resolution.

Reports and Alerts

ITSM chatbot delivers insightful reports and insights into what the user is looking to accomplish. You can also easily spot outages, generate outage reports, and alert the customers in real-time.


Automate Customer Queries:

With customer service chatbots, you can drastically reduce the manual effort of existing customer support staff and allow them to focus on your business processes that really matter.

Sentiment Analysis:

Our AI chatbots are equipped with advanced natural language processing and sentiment analysis features that can analyze the sentiment of the customer and respond according to that. It can also seamlessly hand over the conversation to a live agent.

Provide Meaningful Responses:

You can easily integrate customer service chatbot into legacy systems or core software including Genesys, Guidewire, Salesforce, UI Path, SAP, or any other software to provide meaningful responses.

Voice Bot

With the popularity of Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Siri, and other AI assistants in mobile phones, voice-based searches are becoming the future. With voice bots, the automation of customer service is now possible and it’s changing the game for companies big and small. They offer a voice-activated, hands-free solution to your customer’s needs. Our voice bot understands user needs and automatically answers your customer queries. It can also understand and record sentiment, provide detailed analytics and transfer calls to respective agents.

With customer service chatbots, you can automate 80% of customer queries, increase lead and sales by 25% and resolve complaints quickly. Thus, you can amplify your workflow, scale your customer service and sales interactions with advanced AI chatbots and voice bots. At Intone, At Intone, we work with some of the businesses across the world to create a new and unique customer experience. With our frontend automation services, we offer advanced AI customer service chatbots as a part of our solution that enables our clients to deliver superior customer service.

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