Are you a business enterprise that has employed Business Process Outsourcing in operations, but is now trying to find ways to optimize output, increase consumer satisfaction and reduce operational costs? If you are, then you certainly need to employ robotic process automation in BPOs.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which is software designed to automate mundane and repetitive tasks, has slowly found its way into the BPO industry. RPAs have advanced to such an extent that it is now possible to automate 20%-40% of processes with the RPA systems. Gartner predicts that 72% of organizations will work with RPA within the next two years and also tagged RPA as the fastest-growing corporate software category. 

With RPA finding wild success in a variety of industries and sectors, BPOs today are also realizing that they too might need to embrace this new change and ride the wave of automation. This article takes a closer look at how RPA fits into the BPO industry and the benefits that come along with it.

Is there a need to implement RPA in BPO sectors?

When the concept of BPO was initially introduced, the idea upon which the entire model ran was that more work meant more bodies to shoulder the work. The parent company themselves wouldn’t be hiring the workers, but rather the third-party company to whom they had outsourced the contract would handle the heavy-lifting and would be responsible for meeting the targets on time. This concept is now slowly turning into a relic, all thanks to the introduction of intelligent automation and RPAs.

RPAs can handle repetitive tasks, such as copying and pasting, and can even do it with greater precision than a human worker. BPOs are now exploring alternatives for labor arbitrage and RPAs are the ideal solutions as they greatly complement the BPO core competencies. RPAs are known to reduce operational costs and also bring about optimal usage of human resources. The implementation of RPAs would benefit existing BPO companies as they would be able to offer better novel services to their clients at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of RPA in the BPO sector (Can’t-Ignore Payoff with RPA)

The digital transition of entire work processes to bot-led automation is a challenging one. The disruptive technology that is RPA is usually met with skepticism at the initial introduction, but further exploration into the benefits brought about by its implementation helps subdue those doubtful looks. Here are some of the pay-offs that RPA brings along with them.

Enhanced cost-effectiveness

It’s a common misconception that installing, running, and maintaining RPAs is going to cost you a hefty sum. As per a study by the Institute of Robotic Process Automation, its been reported that implementing RPAs in BPOs can lead to a 25-50% reduction in operating costs. RPAs can be installed within days and a specific budget, and the initial cost of installation is evenly justified by overall cost reduction across operations and human resources. 

Reliable Labor

According to a Whitepaper by the IDC in 2008, it was found that human error costs the average multinational corporation an estimated $62.4 million a year. The digital automated bot-led labor offered by RPAs is free of human hindrances and has eliminated the existence of inadvertent human errors. 

A 2021 survey by revealed that error reduction is the second most important benefit of RPA after automation of manual tasks. These bots can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, without the need for any sort of training or orientation. It has been reported that a typical bot can provide the output of two-five humans.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

The involvement of RPAs in the customer service space and call center industry is known to improve customer satisfaction and experience. The bot-based automated workforce ensures the delivery of accurate answers with great agility leading to an overall elevation in brand image and increasing the chances of customer retention.

RPAs have shown significant success when implemented alongside BPOs. Day1tech reported that 86% of companies that have implemented RPAs have witnessed 20x faster processes (agility), and have experienced almost 50% of cost reduction per employee. The current market trend dictates that BPOs and RPAs are intertwined. Companies need to embrace RPAs to keep themselves in contention now and even when moving forward. 

Why choose Intone for your RPA solutions?

  • Intone’s solutions have proven to have 2x times more features in respect to use-case and mapping and 3x times more features in respect to intelligent routing than that which is provided by Google Dialogflow.
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Intone is a market leader when it comes to providing RPA solutions. We are proud of our capabilities to provide innovative solutions and expertise that are needed for you to embrace the future of BPOs today. 

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  • We have higher accuracy than our competitors and we also offer multilingual solutions as compared to the market standard of English only. 
  • Our advanced NLP understands customer requests and responds in a conversational manner with a minimum accuracy of 85%.
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  • Intone offers a top of the line enterprise-grade security with a minimum of 256-bit encryption at both transmission and rest.
  • Intone’s RPA will anonymize your data to ensure greater protection of sensitive data and information.
  • Intone offers end-to-end hyper-automation with our low-code engine.


If you are in the hunt for a reliable solutions provider for your RPA troubles, then Intone can definitely meet your expectations and even surpass them. Already trusted by numerous pioneers and industry leaders, Intone assures you that joining hands with us will help you witness an overall elevation of your brand and what it stands for. Request a free demo today to learn more about how Intone can help your business!