As a proactive, employee-centric leader, are you looking for ways to offload mundane workflows and thereby save enormous time and energy for your employees and yourself? Are you looking to cut down unnecessary costs that are eating into your profits, subtly but surely? Are you looking for a solution that can streamline and automate your monotonous internal and external business processes? Gartner predicts that by 2021-22, 25% of digital workers will use a VEA daily, up from less than 2% in 2019. Just that statistic alone substantiates the rising demand for industry-agnostic VEA’s across the world.  Meet EVA – our ultramodern, AI-enabled, virtual employee assistant

Robotic Process Automation

Virtual Employee Assistants are the need of the hour for expanding businesses and even well-established ones. One of the very advanced offerings from the AI-revolution, VEA, with clever and definitive user-interfaces, empowers internal business processes in ways beyond our expectations. 

Nobody wants to be left behind – Here’s why you shouldn’t wait anymore! 

Just to understand their extensive abilities, we need to comprehend the very crux of the source that drives them. What do you think? AI! Here’s a couple of undeniable benefits you will enjoy implementing virtual employee assistants in your organization.

Increased Productivity Amongst Employees

Automating and streamlining all repetitive business tasks ensures nothing is overlooked and provides no room for human errors that can increase productivity by leaps and bounds. Some tasks that Intone’s EVA can help automate includes 

  1. Employee onboarding and orientation, 
  2. Diary management, 
  3. Providing faster access to HR policies and information, and 
  4. Enabling real time ticket resolution capabilities enables you to streamline all repetitive tasks, ensuring that nothing is overlooked leading to increase in productivity. 

Enjoy Triple Benefits

Incorporating this employee-friendly technology will allow you to enjoy triple benefits in the way of saving 

  1. Time
  2. Energy, and 
  3. Money! 

Intone’s EVA helps you in automating tasks like such which would help the employees focus on more human-centric tasks.

  1. Meeting scheduling 
  2. Support request initiation, 
  3. Answering inquiries

Your One question – Why us?

Aside from all the previously mentioned capabilities, Intone’s EVA can be used to do so much more. 

  1. You can customize searches for specific personnel and their usual workflow.
  2. You also get 24X7 A.I. powered admin support. 
  3. Reduce internal recurring costs
  4. Intone’s EVA has proven to have reduced cost-to-hire by 62% with 50% reduction in admin costs.
  5. EVA has successfully automated 60% of the resolution to employee queries with 49% reduction in time-to-interview.

With all these enhancements, EVA is your one stop solution for you to save time, energy, and money when it comes to automating your business processes! Request YOUR free customized DEMO TODAY! Try us, you won’t regret it.

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