Our client, an automotive retail seller, was in need of business and technology solutions along with an improved mobility strategy owing to the constant growth in their operations. Their current systems were proving to be ineffective due to their multiple sales lots and staff of almost 800. Even though their sales had increased substantially, they were losing their customers to the competition. Intone was engaged to help our client assess their mobility needs, then choose, design, and implement a new digital and mobile framework at completive cost.


As the first step, Intone performed an assessment of their communication and network needs to establish a ‘to be’ state and workflow analysis for their mobility solution for which we partnered with our client and one of our group companies, Five Axioms, our Mobility Solution Services provider.


We advised our client, with their relatively complex organization, on the use of emerging technologies and approaches that optimize interactions and engagements with their employees, customers, and partners. We integrated mobile devices into their sales, marketing, inventory and supply chain functions making it easier to keep in touch and transmit information at any time even if offline.


We fully collaborated with the client on the design and development of their individualized mobile solutions to foster user engagement, optimized productivity and increased revenue generation.


As a result of our efforts, Our client was able to lead the development of an all-encompassing mobile footprint with numerous operational features, requested through open user surveys, that exceeded the expectations of the project’s goals. The roll-out mobile strategy enabled the organization to introduce many new capabilities and build progressive enhancements going forward, as technology advancements and business use evolved in sales, marketing, inventory management and product supply. We leveraged Five Axioms’ ongoing, innovative insights that produced and enhanced client collaboration. Our client also met a key goal of retaining its top-rated sales staff to serve their growing customer base more effectively. We implemented a more powerful telecommunications environment with enhanced call quality and reliability, comprehensive voice platform performance, analytics, demonstrating areas of improvement and enabling efficient issue resolution.

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Drawing upon Intone’s deep knowledge of mobility, industry best practices, and experience, we enabled our client to implement their desired mobility strategies, including the development and design of related mobility solutions.