Why should small businesses focus on IT adoption and digital transformation now more than ever?

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy and their growth directly influences the nation’s growth. Small businesses in the US are estimated to add $1.8 Trillion to the Global GDP growth by 2024. But as we are months into the coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19 continues to take its toll on the economies worldwide, especially on the small business. According to a survey by DataforGood conducted by the World Bank, Facebook, and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, more than 25% of small businesses have been shut down between the months of January and May. With the growth of technology reliance, higher customer expectations, many small businesses are struggling to keep up with this almost instant change.

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So, is this change and adoption only for the big industries and well-established businesses? What about small businesses? Why should small businesses focus on IT adoption and digital transformation now more than ever? 

IT enables business continuity for small businesses

For small businesses, this pandemic is a struggle for survival. Locking up their business for months not just cuts their revenue; it makes them bankrupt. While many businesses already adopted to work securely from any location, adopting IT strategies can enable small businesses to implement a remote working and employee connectivity through digital workplace planning. Whether it is a grocery store or a small manufacturing plant, with the right technology, digital strategies, and digital workplace planning, small businesses can continue their operations even during the pandemic safely. Innovators like Intone help small businesses implement the right infrastructure to safely and securely keep employees connected and customers engaged anywhere. 

Cloud Adoption for increased flexibility and business growth:

Many small business owners believe that they do not have time or sufficient funds to adapt to cloud adoption and many still have concerns about IT adoption. But the events of 2020 have come as a catalyst for cloud adoption. From collaboration tools to computation tools, cloud-based applications have gained much popularity among small businesses in the COVID-19 pandemic. In times like these, business flexibility and scalability are a boon to small businesses and no matter what industry you are in or what your operations are, there is probably a cloud-based solution that can make things easy for you. With cloud applications, your team has the flexibility to log in and work together from anywhere on any device. Cloud tools not just increase flexibility but also gives room for scalability and business growth. 

IT adoption enhances our overall business security

We are in the second decade of the 21st century and it doesn’t matter what business you are in or what size your company is, you cannot do business without technology. It might just be a mere old computer with customer information and billing details or your business smartphone. With increasing serious cyber threats lurking around every corner, you must ensure that necessary protection is in place to protect your valuable data.

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Most small business owners think that it won’t happen to their business just because they run a small local business in a small city. But there are too many malwares out there that are evolving at an alarming rate, so there are good chances that an automated program will find its way in if you let your guard down. Thus, it is critical to ensure that your business is secure from cyber threats. You don’t need a team full of expensive, in-house IT pros to do this job for you- Global cybersecurity leaders like Intone collaborate with small businesses to deliver a focused, risk-based security strategy, operating model, and compliance plan that equips them with the best defense system to help them face this digital future.  

Digital transformation can be big for small businesses:

Digital transformation is a huge advancement to small businesses. The smart use of technology not only helps small businesses to remain competitive but also enables them to compete with strong, well-established businesses. Because small businesses have traditionally depended on foot traffic and a brick-and-mortar presence for revenue. But in today’s digital age, small businesses have understood that leveraging the power of digital tools can gain them a distinct competitive advantage. By moving their operations completely online, small businesses can continue their operations online even in times of crisis like these.

As a small business owner, when you are getting your business up and running, it might seem that IT adoption is the last thing that you should spend your money on. But, right now, IT adoption and digital transformation are some of the first things that you’ll need to address. Today’s world is driven by technological advances and evolving consumers who interact with those technologies. Most small businesses are still playing catchup with these advancements or seeing it as a threat. But only the small businesses that see IT adoption and digital transformation as an opportunity to develop and accelerate growth will come out as winners in this digital-focussed world. For those small businesses that are ready to seize the opportunity, we, at Intone, are creating new and innovative strategies that result in infinite new possibilities. We offer a full range of IT services including digital workplace planning, cybersecurity, IT architecture design, and integration for businesses of any size and help them navigate to victory in these trying times.