Enabling client to setup globalized supply chain by standardizing processes

The client needed to set up its own independent global supply chain incorporating hundreds of plants and thousands of suppliers. Demand/supply planning was very decentralized and hampered at the plant level by the lack of standardized processes. Big Data Analytics in the manufacturing industry: How can the big data benefit the manufacturing industry.

Intone’s business analysts, technical programming and data experts leveraged SAP Business Intelligence tools and portfolio of machine learning technology, applications of the Supply Chain Implementation engagement. We incorporated configurable analytics and dashboard applications that enabled continuous monitoring of key analytics which enabled faster decision-making; supply chain network visualization empowering planners to see real-world supply chain networks in digital form.

In addition, we utilized enhanced planning algorithms that support increased automation (e.g. share allocations under constrained supply); and efficient product lifecycle management capabilities, including phase-in and phase-out modeling for product launches while managing inventory obsolescence. The client’s new cloud-based modular system excels at efficiently applying distributed order management (coupled supply and demand planning).

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Intone implemented a modern cloud-based platform for supply chain planning that also incorporates transportation management and extended warehouse features improving for process improvement. Many noticeable impacts were observed including increasing outbound processes to meet shipping targets on time, every time and finished goods delivery time was reduced by over 60%.

Intone’s innovative approach to the engagement included the incorporation of key business intelligence and machine learning capabilities in our client’s digital strategy and sets us apart from competitors. Employing SAP’s cloud-based data-centric applications, new ways to evaluate purchasing, inventory, physical warehousing, asset use, and supply chain processes were now in place and reality.

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The client now has tools that enable innovation within areas that were earlier not explored in the client’s past, for example – demand sensing and forecasting, inventory and sales optimization, and real-time response management. Our Supply Chain solution also includes machine learning capabilities to help gain accurate replenishment details, achieve improved supply chain visibility, reduce time in planning phases, and produce reliable responses to supply & demand changes.

SAP’s cloud-based modular approach made perfect sense for resolving our client’s warehousing and supply chain challenges. Our adoption of SAP’s integrated solution enabled our client to align business objectives with operations and reach sustained growth and better profit margins, with the additional benefit of improved customer service, order fulfillment within a new digital operating environment.

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