Improving user productivity & connectivity with SharePoint migration

Case study on: Improving user productivity and connectivity with SharePoint online migration

Our client, a New York-based Music company, wanted to provide better connectivity and productivity for their users by migrating their legacy sites to SharePoint Online. They needed a partner with experience in SharePoint online migration to help them ensure productivity across their business channels.

The client had 5 different SharePoint farms ranging from 2007 to 2010 as a result of multiple mergers and acquisitions. This severely affected their site performance and resulted in low employee productivity, increased cost of maintenance, support, and operation. They wanted to improve their intranet portal performance as there was more room for better compatibility. Finding and accessing data from these multiple SharePoint farms was time-consuming and at times fruitless.

Intone’s SharePoint migration experts planned the whole migration process strategically to allow for multiple business requirements. We migrated all the legacy sites to SharePoint online using a third-party tool. We migrated their main intranet portal with custom branding and refactored their server-side code and client-side code. Custom search portals for sales leads on the field were also migrated and refactored in SharePoint Online. This refactoring process enabled better performance and compatibility. 

Thus, with Intone’s SharePoint migration solution, the client achieved high-performance sites that ensured better engagement across the organization of 14000 users. These SharePoint online sites were accessible from anywhere and provided better connectivity and productivity for all the users. The client also decommissioned their old hardware and virtual machines for legacy farms. This enabled the client to reduce their support, maintenance, and operational costs.

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