A case study on enabling the client to improve their business operation by consolidating SharePoint farms

Our client, a New Jersey-based healthcare company, wanted to improve its business processes by building a reliable SharePoint platform. They needed a long-standing partner, proficient in executing migrations from other legacy applications while preserving data integrity and functionalities. 

The major problem faced by the client is that they had multiple SharePoint farms. They had 13 different SharePoint farms ranging from 2003 to 2013 as a result of multiple mergers and acquisitions. This resulted in low employee productivity, increased cost of maintenance, support, and operation. They found it extremely difficult and complex to execute multiple SharePoint migrations. They also faced difficulties in accommodating multiple business parameters during SharePoint migration.

Intone provided an innovative, out of the box solution towards consolidating multiple SharePoint farms. Our SharePoint experts analyzed the difficulties to help the client in proving them a reliable SharePoint platform to improve their business process. Intone helped them to achieve their objective using an Agile model to execute a SharePoint transformation program for the migration of existing site collections from one farm to another. With the help of a third-party tool and our creative database attach method, we successfully consolidated 13 product legacy farms in 2 SharePoint 2013 farms.

As a result of our solution, the client now had a highly reliable and available SharePoint platform. They also decommissioned close to 85 old hardware and virtual machines for legacy farms. This enabled the client to reduce their support, maintenance, and operational costs to under $850,000. Thus, Intone helped them to achieve the client’s objective using innovative solutions to execute a SharePoint transformation program from one farm to another.

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