The internet is one platform which truly democratizes the flow of ideas, thoughts, opinions and all other forms of communication. It has truly made the world a smaller place and placed it in the palm of our hand.
Even though the medium has become a staple source of information, there are some people who, due to natural causes or unfortunate accidents, are not able to make full use of these services. It is here that the concept of Web Accessibility gains prominence. Being able to provide access to computer systems to people with any kind of disability is the true equivalent of creating value for society as a whole.

The importance of web accessibility has grown over the years as people with disability have been recognized by businesses as a separate sub-division who can be converted to customers by providing them the access to their online services. Creating that interaction and sense of inclusiveness goes a long way for a firm in terms of developing goodwill.

It is important that all visitors can utilize a website for more than just legal reasons too. Creating an inclusive website goes a long way when it comes to converting more users.

Imagine going to a restaurant where you can’t read the menu, the wait for food is too long and there is no waiter available to help answer your questions. That is what an inaccessible website may be like to a user with a unique need or technology requirement.

However, by making content accessible to all users and having a site that is conducive to perform with all devices and technology, the previous script can be flipped. The user will no longer face the challenges and will be much more likely to stay and do business.

Adopting a policy of inclusiveness doesn’t just benefit users with specific challenges but everyone. Even users without disabilities may struggle with something like font issues or may just prefer to consume content in a different way. By making the site inclusive you improve their experience as well. Having a site that is compatible with all devices and technology may make or break certain user experiences but usually makes sites even faster and better performing for others.