IT innovation generally is concerned with the use of technology in several ways to improve the efficiency of the organization and align them with business goals. However, IT innovation solution trends appear to come and go but there are a few trends that stick in the minds of people and act as a catalyst for change for the future. Here are the top 5 trends in IT innovation and product development.

Re-platforming the enterprise: 

Businesses around the world are demanding a much more agile and stable information platform to operate. Re-platforming the enterprise comes as a solution for this demanding change. It enables companies to move to more common IT platforms to respond to market changes faster. These platforms are flexible and quickly scalable. They also offer great analytical insights, traverse according to the information flow of the business, and are simple. This enabled the users to constantly change the business according to their needs without writing (much) code.  

Advanced Digital product ecosystem:

The enterprise digital transformation trend is changing the way we see, use, and interact with digital applications. The digital product ecosystem as a whole is evolving to meet the demands of the current digital world. As much as these technologies improve the end-user experience with extended functionalities, they also foster mutually rewarding interaction between different companies. For example, they start to open APIs on a free basis, thus allowing other companies to integrate their services. This helps the companies to fill new niches, increase business valuation, and grow their revenue. 

Distributed Teams:

Distributed teams or distributed workforce is one of the top IT innovation solutions that has gained traction in recent times. It essentially means that a team working on the same project may not be in the same building or even in the same time zone. A survey by TinyPulse (What_Leaders_Need_to_Know_About_Remote_Workers) found that remote workers were happier, felt more valued, and were more productive than their on-location peers. By tailoring this workforce, organizations can hire skilled individuals in any part of the world. This also spells an increased investment in collaboration tools to facilitate coordination between the teams.

Edge computing:

In today’s world, the primary concern of every industry is the delayed, lingering approach that affects the overall management of the operations. The explosive growth of IoT and faster networking technologies like 5G gave rise to a new innovative technology called edge computing. This IT innovation solution brings data storage and computation close to the business and thus eliminates response times and saves bandwidth.  

Predictive product development:

Predictive product development is a promising product development trend that involves the application of a disciplined process, streamlined process, and real-time analytics. It enables organizations to identify and anticipate areas for process optimization and ultimately build smarter solutions. Predictive product development is capable of transforming your business in incredible ways when executed correctly.

These top IT innovation and product development trends will allow companies to be ready to steer the future. So, if you want your organization to adapt to the future and continue generating revenue, you need to learn about these IT innovation solutions.

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