Ever since the dawn of Enterprise Mobility, a continuously increasing number of businesses has adopted the practice in order to boost their productivity. It has enabled businesses to create new revenue streams to engage customers in new and more agile ways.

The focal point is to unlock values at the backend data and deliver content that is user-centric. It lays emphasis on aspects such as structuring and delivering information whenever and wherever required, integrating people, technology and processes for the effective and efficient delivery of the core business functions to the different smaller business units present in the organization.

Enterprise Mobility aims at offering solutions to various existing problems of the organization related to developing as well as the delivery of mobile apps and implementing timely responsiveness to users.

The importance of Enterprise Mobility in an organization can be understood from the points below:

1. It evaluates the present mobile landscape in the organization
2. It takes not of the organization’s mobile capabilities currently
3. It gauges potential threats related to mobility faced by the organization
4. It proves useful in identifying the risks related to the protection of information within the organization
as well as by means of corporate devices.
5. It measures the impact mobility strategy will have on the functioning of the organization in future.

6. It analyses the effect of mobility on the partners, vendors, and clients of the organization and to what extent will it affect them.

Enterprise Mobility ensures that the organization’s mobile infrastructure is well maintained and to EMS should be a vital part of any firm’s strategy.

In conclusion, the whole idea behind EMS is to put people, processes, and technology, which are, powered by wireless networks, and which engulfs management of mobile devices and other computing services with respect to the business. These solutions aim at those applications which help in getting the work done through smart devices like smartphones or tablet.