Case study on Intone’s solution for Integrating Client’s Salesforce with SharePoint online

Our client, a New Jersey-based Healthcare company expected to have a highly customized online portal to streamline the process of their communications department. They wanted an experienced partner who is proficient in building custom SharePoint online portals.

The client was facing difficulties in communication and collaboration across their team. This decreased their productivity and they were missing many new opportunities every second. The client was using Salesforce as their CRM tool. So, they wanted us to build a custom SharePoint portal with tight integration with Salesforce for their communications department. 

Intone’s expert SharePoint team evaluated the existing system, identified the practical difficulties, and came up with a solution to address the client’s difficulties. We created and implemented a custom SharePoint online portal integrated into their Salesforce to streamline the process in the communications department. This allowed the client to manage opportunities originating from Salesforce and seamlessly collaborate on existing documentation. 

With the innovative solution for integrating the client’s salesforce with SharePoint online, Intone enabled access to a single source of truth for everyone anytime from anywhere. This helped the entire team to collaborate on upcoming new opportunities in a seamless way. The client saw an increase in productivity to work on opportunities by 30%. They were able to close 15% more opportunities. Intone’s solution also resulted in improved data consistency and improved security that helped in meeting compliance requirements for the business process.

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