Vendor management system to optimize productivity & data corruption

Our client, a New York-based music company, knew that they needed a flexible, scalable, reliable, and customizable vendor management system and invoice management system to match their operation levels. Intone’s expert SharePoint team stepped up to help the client develop a custom SharePoint Online portal. The client faced a major issue in their invoice processing and vendor management systems. Their accounts payable and Vendor management systems needed pre-processing of invoices and vendor approvals before they went into their SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP system. This was leading to inconsistencies and loss of data. The client’s business productivity was also severely decreased because of the increased time to process invoices.  Intone’s expert SharePoint team addressed the optimization issues faced by the client with innovative solutions. We created a custom SharePoint 2010 portal that allowed the client to manage invoice intake of more than 2000 invoices per day and process them into SAP for payment. We also built a pre-processing portal for the vendor management system. It was built with a customizable multi-tier workflow for adding, removing, and updating vendors before the change hit SAP.  With Intone’s custom SharePoint portal for invoice processing and vendor management system, the average time to pay invoice reduced by 50%. Productivity for offshore invoice processing increased by 25% with in-built workflow business logic and split screens to see metadata and invoice at the same time. The portal also reduced data corruption by 57%. This further helped the client to reduce operation costs.  Check our Digital Workplace Planning Services Check our case study on Improving user productivity and connectivity with SharePoint online migration

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