Developing medical system for manufacturer of medical technology

Our client, a manufacturer of medical technology devices required a planning and forecasting system to make the best business decisions, promote growth, and centralize processes for all affiliated business groups. Our client’s current platform did not provide the data which the client required for effective decision making to achieve business objectives and reporting through multiple localized markets and international regions presented an additional challenge.

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Our client grew exponentially due to several international mergers and acquisitions. They outgrew their current planning and forecasting platform and systems and engaged Intone to help transform, evolve to a new financial planning and forecasting system and integrate its worldwide collection of disparate IT systems and operating procedures. Many of their processes and procedures were error-prone and manual intensive with the extensive use of spreadsheets lacking consistent processes and a centralized financial planning and forecasting system and process model. Check the impact of cloud computing in the Retail Industry.

The client selected Intone to develop a comprehensive roadmap and plan and manage the development of a consolidated financial planning and forecasting model which could be utilized globally across divisions. The parameters of the plan had to account for their compliance with multiple international regulations manufacturing processes and standards (including GDPR data privacy rules), access and identity management at all locations. Integration of automation in financial services has helped remove redundancies. Our client required a dynamic planning and forecasting structure capable of flexibility and efficiency to allow for continued modifications for likely regulatory changes, technology upgrades, and enhancements in the future.

Intone’s initial risk was to define the appropriate workflow for the new financial planning and forecasting system and prepare a conceptual model for the new financial planning and forecasting system requirements. Based on our firm’s specific knowledge base of manufacturing financial planning and forecasting systems Intone selected Oracle’s Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud – Financial Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting. We then formed a team of dedicated engagement professionals and SME’s to execute on the systems implementation and process transformation.

We provided solution architects, business and financial planning and forecasting analysts, integration analysts, data analysts, testing, quality assurance and training leads for a successful implementation. Intone provided guidance and direction to a successful implementation of the Oracle-based financial planning and forecasting systems worldwide. Enabling our clients to improve their business operations by consolidating multiple SharePoints Farms.

In partnership with our trusted client, we utilized the “out of the box” Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud – Financial Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting system for functionality and features and an Oracle cloud instance.

Intone’s deep experience with financial forecasting and planning tools provided the necessary expertise and innovation to enable substantial process improvement and the implementation of industry best practices, including the complete automation of the worldwide consolidation of financial forecasting requirements for materials planning, inventory, procurement, manufacturing finished goods and shipments.

Intone also ‘applied its innovative data analytics methodology including assessment of target data locations and formats (legacy system tables, database(s), spreadsheets, platforms, raw data formats); determination of the appropriate financial planning and forecasting E1analytics priorities (based on our assessment of our client’s ‘hierarchy of needs’); ACL analytics framework to address each client analytic priority; client/Intone collaboration to successfully develop, test, and implementation of ACL scripting projects. Our client experienced considerable gains in the form of its ability to more effectively forecast operations and profits worldwide.

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