Developing best practices to retain customers and increase market share

The board’s objective, for Intone, was to develop best practice monitoring capabilities of customer data to more effectively monitor and analyze existing customer buying attributes and habits. Intone’s previous experience in developing streamlined, digital processes in the insurance industry enabled us to provide our client with the most current technologies, competitive insight, and best-suited solution to their needs. Providing a Data-driven consumer strategy.

We have learned quality data and meeting standards are essential for data analytics and solutions which enable continuous monitoring and developing of impactful analytics processes. Our knowledge, across industries, also informs us about data model for normalizing, validating, and controlling all internal and external data which is required for reliable analytics results.

Intone identified areas, within our client’s operations, that could be more effectively monitored through analytics to enable better quality data pertaining to the customer buying experience. We assisted our client in the identification and implementation of data quality standards to build a framework for continuous monitoring of key analytics, business processes, and IT controls. Enabling the client to improve their business operation by consolidating multiple SharePoint farms.

We developed a data model for controlling internal and external data sources through data management consolidation employing predictive analytics. The team then developed a plan to manage risk, and create continuous monitoring by integrating the company’s current data universe with external data. We implemented those data analytics processes to leverage complete visualization and monitoring of the customer’s experiences.

The newly designed continuous monitoring capabilities provided our client with timely and accurate data with a new environment that had the ability to monitor controls, sales, buying activity, complaints and additional key information needed to retain current customers and increase sales and customer retention and related effectiveness. The utilization of customized analytics has resulted in more effective data management and has reduced risk levels and improved marketing strategies by providing real-time reporting of total customer relationships across all products/accounts. Spearheading the Digital transformation in the retail industry.

Following up on Intone’s suggestions, our client implemented several analytic plans (with high-level dashboard visualizations) that not only led to the customers’ experience improvement but also elevated the company’s productivity and operational performance as well. Our client now has normalized, reliable, verified customer data and is well positioned to better measure and manage the customer experience and market its products competitively. Through innovation, our client has been able to grow its market share and experienced an increase in customer satisfaction.

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