Are you a healthcare institution looking for ways to enhance the patient experience, deliver better care and in the process build a warm connection with patients and potential customers? If yes, then you need to integrate healthcare chatbots into your system!

AI-powered medicinal chatbots which are conversational solutions that act as a bridge between patients, insurance companies, and healthcare institutions are being widely adopted worldwide due to emerging trends such as a constant demand for an increase in service and care delivery and an overall enhancement in patient experience and satisfaction. Gartner boldly predicted that almost 75% of healthcare delivery organizations will have in some way or another invested in AI by late 2021. Most AI solutions are still in their infancy, with chatbots being a rare exception.

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The future for chatbot industries is certainly looking bright, with chatbots supporting millions of patients around the clock and in the process saving healthcare organizations around $3.6 billion annually. In 2020 Whatsapp collaborated with WHO to release a chatbot service to answer Covid-19 related questions, going on to show how relevant chatbots are to our current healthcare and lifestyle. This article takes a close look at the various solutions chatbots have to offer to the world of healthcare and how they can improve the overall patient experience.

Chatbot Solutions For HealthCare

Let’s take a look at the various solutions that a chatbot can offer to your healthcare system to increase your patient satisfaction.

Around the Clock Availability

Healthcare personnel are always trying their best to be available 24 hours, 7 days a week, and yet it’s only natural that they have moments where they need their well-deserved break. Most specialist doctors are often hard to reach on a daily basis, as they’ll have their own set of procedures and operations to attend to.

Healthcare chatbots have managed to cover up this problem to a certain extent, and are available around the clock, throughout the year to assist you with your recovery. These chatbots can remind you about your medicines, give you tips and also help you send in your queries to your doctors so that they can reply to them at a later time. 

Schedule Appointments

Healthcare chatbots play a vital role in streamlining the process of appointment scheduling and can provide patients with an easy-to-use platform to book appointments from. With healthcare chatbots, patients can now book appointments for their preferred doctors from the comfort of their own homes. These chatbots can provide patients with pre-appointment reminders, confirmation alerts on email and SMS, and the option to fill in their feedback post consultation.

Chatbots can also ask patients about their present medical condition, what ails them, and based on the answer recommend them to the available doctors of required specialization. Chatbots can also schedule, reschedule, and delete appointments, thus making the entire process hassle-free for the patients.

Helps in Symptom Checking and Self-Assessment

Having a healthcare chatbot can help build a warm rapport between you and your patient. A chatbot will be the very first thing that greets your patient as soon as they visit your website, and can provide the patient with the right instructions to get their symptoms checked and to get an appointment with the right doctor. 

Chatbots can explain the causes of illness to patients and also guide them throughout their journey. Globalnewswire reported that approximately 52% of patients acquire their health data with the help of healthcare chatbots. Healthcare chatbots are usually endowed with symptom checkers that are based on massive healthcare databases and which will inevitably help in faster and more accurate self-assessment, as well as send an instant triage for immediate response. 

Patient Coverage and Claims

Rejection of insurance claims can indeed be a heartbreaking scenario for any patient. It was reported by the AARP that 200 million claims are rejected every year for various reasons and that nearly 30-40% of the claims are rejected due to regulatory compliance-based issues (as per KPMG). 

Chatbots can help patients check their existing coverage, file for claims, and do a follow-up on any pre-existing claims. Likewise, doctors too will have detailed access to patient records, making it easier for them to pre-authorize billing payments and answer other queries coming from patients or from the insurance authorities. Moreover, integrating RPA solutions into healthcare can significantly reduce the chances of claim rejection by eliminating the factor of human errors, and thus improving the overall quality of patient experience.

Video Consultation

The advent of Covid-19 has led to a stark increase in the use of video calls and virtual meetings. The healthcare sector too faces a challenge as millions of patients around the world find it difficult to reach hospitals to consult with their doctors face-to-face. Healthcare chatbots have proven efficient in overcoming this barrier and have offered ways to deliver personalized consultations to patients around the world. 

Chatbots offer services such as audio, video, or chat consultation with doctors, having the ability to co-browse the web along with the patient and providing better and timely resolution to patient issues with the help of easy-to-use software.

Why Choose Intone HealthAI powered by Enterprise Bot?

  • Intone in partnership with EnterpriseBot has developed chatbots, which when compared to IBM Watson offer astounding results such as providing 2.45x times more features in bot creation, and 5x times greater responsiveness in creation and integration.
  • Intone’s solutions offer 4x times more features with regards to intelligent routing when compared to Amazon Lex and have a training model that is 2.25x times more effective than the one that is provided by Amazon Lex
  • Our NLP analysis is 1.2x times more effective than Google Dialogflow and 1.5x times more effective than Amazon Lex.

As per a study by Market Research Future, the market for healthcare chatbots is predicted to reach USD 543.65 Million by 2026 registering a CAGR of 19.5%, going on to prove that chatbots are indeed an essential part of our future and the future of healthcare. With healthcare institutions now realizing the role that chatbots can play in elevating their operations, we at Intone are proud to present our holistic AI healthcare assistant, HealthAI, powered by Enterprise Bot, that can meet your expectations and even surpass them. We offer 

  • An increase of 30-40% in output and an overall scaleup in the hospital workforce and care delivery. 
  • Up to 50% reduction in operational costs upon deploying HealthAI.
  • HealthAI comes with 90%+ EHR, ensuring accurate inpatient records and enabling you to predict and treat diseases better. HealthAI is also HIPPA compliant.
  • HealthAI elevates patient experience by remote monitoring and personalized responses.
  • Up to 60% reduction in readmissions by health monitoring of high-risk groups with rapid responses.
  • HealthAI lets you connect with prospective patients, categorize them and improve lead generation significantly
  • Precise response to queries about medicinal availability and options to provide alternatives in case of unavailability.
  • The ability to track down patient history and medical records seamlessly.
  • HealthAI can easily be integrated into core platforms like Salesforce and EPIC
  • HealthAI is also available across all channels – websites, in-app, SMS, iMessage, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. 


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