Right now, job searching as a gig worker can be rough; Even though the gig economy is booming in the US, the increasing unemployment rate (https://www.bls.gov/web/laus/laumstrk.htm) and a tough job market have made it extremely difficult for gig workers to get hired during this pandemic. This is likely to continue in the upcoming months because, with the recent mass layoffs and furloughs, gig workers have to compete with a larger labor force to set foot inside a corporate door. You might be an exceptional candidate, but still, you could easily go unnoticed in the sea of applications.This is where temp agencies come in. Temp agencies like Intone networks have decades of experience in this field of work and we have just the right resources and know the right people to make sure that you get quickly hired into the best position suited for your skills. Here are a few benefits of working with temp agencies in 2020.

Consistent Income and year-round employment

To be realistic, if you’re a gig worker who’s applying for a gig via freelancer sites, the chances of getting picked from thousands of resumes by a hiring manager are bleak. On the other hand, even if you get a gig successfully, the future is a little uncertain due to the inconsistent income.  According to Job hunt , most gig workers are not paid top dollar for what they do. The company might pay you low compensation as compared to the permanent worker who does the same job. Moreover, you would need a certain time to find a new gig after completing your current project. During this period, you would have to survive without income. But by working with a temp agency, you will have work options consistently throughout the year. Temp agencies usually have a large client base who are never out of job vacancies. They can even negotiate the best pay for you as they know the job market and client budget better than you do. Thus, you don’t have to worry about uncertain income or unemployment. 

Flexibility and job security.

As a gig worker, working with a temp agency gives you both the flexibility of temp job and the security of a permanent job. Even though you are working with a temp agency, you have the flexibility to determine your availability. You can complete a project, take a break for a few weeks, and can join another project without having to disenroll and re-enroll when you return. The temp agency makes sure that you are scheduled right back into a project according to your availability. Another huge benefit of working with a temp agency is that you have the opportunity to see what different company cultures are like and explore your preference as an employee. You can also explore different positions and fields you might not otherwise expose to. All you need is the right skill set needed for that job. 

Access to a wide range of employers

Temp agencies work closely with several companies. They always have the latest insight on available positions at the companies that you are interested in working for. Using a temp agency to find a job will help get your resume in front of more employers as they can send your resume to multiple employers at once. Some of these employers wouldn’t have advertised publicly that they are hiring because they will be working with a temp agency for it. This way you have access to a wide range of employers.

Tax filing

Unlike Permanent employees, gig workers, or self-employed individuals do not have taxes automatically deducted from their paychecks. As a gig worker, you need to keep track of what you owe and pay it on time, and just like this sounds, it is pretty daunting to do it on your own. All the government forms and learning the ropes of taxation can be truly complicated as if you want to do it yourself. Temp agencies like Intone networks will take over your workload of tax filing and will make sure that your tax sheets are clean and will provide you tax-deducted take-home pay. This way you don’t have to deal with the complicated tax filing process.

The gig economy will continue to provide a large percentage of American jobs in the next decade. So, as a gig worker, you must be all geared up with the best launching pad for rising above the competition and getting hired. This is why as a gig worker you must not miss the chance to work with an experienced temp agency like intone and get benefits of temp agencies. They not just make it easier for you to get hired but also offer you a financially secure future. Since gig workers are also increasingly showing interest in working for temp agencies you might want to consider these benefits for working with a temp agency as a gig worker.