Conversational AI is rapidly turning into the most popular technology in the field of Artificial Intelligence. A survey by Uberall reported that 80% of consumers who have engaged with a chatbot report it as a positive customer experience. With more and more companies employing it with each passing day, it will not be long before conversational AI becomes a norm around the world. 

Conversational AI uses the latest in speech recognition and cognitive response system to offer natural conversations between humans and computer systems. It can be integrated into voice-led communication channels, messaging platforms, mobile applications, and various other channels. A study by Forbes stated that business leaders worldwide claim chatbots have helped increase their sales by 67% on average.

With conversational AI being widely versatile and flexible in its usage, it has found major prominence in almost every industry. This article takes a look at some of the most common and popular conversational AI use cases.

Top Conversational AI Use Cases

According to a report by Venture Beat, conversational AI bots can help businesses save up to $1million annually in customer service costs. This along with the fact that conversational AI can help free up employees so that they can focus on higher-order tasks has led to them being popularly adopted by organizations from various industries. Given below are some of the top conversational AI use cases.

  • Healthcare

One of the most popular and helpful conversational AI use cases can be witnessed in the healthcare industry. Healthcare chatbots can help in a wide variety of ways, such as easier scheduling of appointments, quicker answering of FAQs, setting up one-on-one video consultations with doctors, data collection of patients and more. Juniper Research even reported that healthcare chatbots have helped organizations save almost $3.6 billion annually.

Intone HealthAI powered by Enterprise Bot is a state of the art healthcare chatbot that can help medical institutions automate mundane tasks, improve patient experience and deliver better and timely care. HealthAI can easily be integrated into core platforms like Salesforce and EPIC and is also available across all channels – websites, in-app, SMS, iMessage, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. 

  • Retail Industry

Conversational AI is being increasingly used in the retail and e-commerce industry to help boost lead generation, lead qualification, and lead nurturing. Hubspot reported that 47% of consumers would not mind buying items via a chatbot. Conversational AI can also provide a 24/7 concierge service, help in faster order fulfilment, and also aid in amplifying marketing messages.

Retailers use conversational AI to make product recommendations to users based on their interactions. A 2019 study by Statista stated that ±40% of U.S. consumers have used chatbots to engage with the retail industry, a proof of the massive prevalence of chatbots in the retail industry. Conversational AI also helps scale conversations across multiple channels simultaneously (for example, email to web assistance to Facebook), without the need for human intervention. 

  • Finance and Banking

The finance and banking industry has benefited greatly from the adoption of conversational AI. Customers are now demanding better service and experience, and conversational AI and digitized customer service strategies are proving to be the best way for financial institutions to meet this rising demand. eMarketer reported that nearly 43% of digital banking users in the United States prefer to use a live chat or chatbot to address issues and problems.

Banks are now using banking virtual assistant bots which can check user balances and process transactions across all bank accounts. Conversational AI can also detect phrases or keywords that may indicate fraudulent activity from customers and can use automatic speech recognition to help prevent further fraud. Financial bots can access and analyse users’ spending patterns or bank accounts to help them decide how to spend their money, which is another example of a conversational AI use case in the finance industry.

Conversational AI continues to evolve, making itself indispensable in almost every industry present. The above-mentioned conversational AI use cases are just the tip of the iceberg. Conversational AIs are constantly making their mark and in the process revolutionizing the industry in which they are deployed. 

Why Choose Intone Health AI For Your Healthcare Institution?

CAQH reported that the integration of RPA in healthcare and the automation of administrative tasks can save organizations up to $13.3 billion. With the healthcare industry slowly starting to realize the importance of RPA and the need for the implementation of conversational AI, Intone has stepped up to the mark and developed a top of the line healthcare chatbot – HealthAI. We offer,

  • Intones HealthAI powered by EnterpriseBot offers an increase of 30-40% in output and an overall scaleup in the hospital workforce and care delivery. 
  • Organizations have witnessed up to 50% reduction in operational costs upon deploying HealthAI.
  • HealthAI comes with 90%+ EHR, ensuring accurate inpatient records and enabling you to predict and treat diseases better.
  • HealthAI can easily be integrated into core platforms like Salesforce and EPIC
  • HealthAI is also available across all channels – websites, in-app, SMS, iMessage, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. 
  • From accessing patient records to checking medicinal availability, HealthAI equips you with all the tools necessary to streamline such processes.
  • HealthAI is HIPPA compliant and is pre-integrated with other EHR/EMR.
  • HealthAI elevates patient experience through remote monitoring and personalized responses.
  • Up to 60% reduction in readmissions by health monitoring of high-risk groups with rapid responses.

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Image by Thomas Meier from Pixabay