Upgrading to a modern, supported microsoft dynamics 365 for client

Our client is a privately held technology producer and service provider firm based in the US which develops software, manufactures hardware, and operates a system for a large international customer base. Intone was engaged to replace an unsupported version of Microsoft Dynamics GP and upgrade to a modern, supported Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations ERP platform.

The client selected Intone to develop a comprehensive plan to manage the extensive infrastructure update and data consolidation and Microsoft Dynamics 365 migration project. The parameters of this engagement increased the need for data protection within the high tech industry, and the implementation of controls for the appropriate access & identity management at all locations. We also provided for a dynamic structure capable of flexibility and efficiency which allowed for continuous modification for likely regulatory changes and technology upgrades and enhancements in the future.

Intone’s “Enterprise Services” bundled various IT services for our client on this engagement and we developed a complete inventory of sensitive data (customer and internal data), its location, sources, who has access to it, and an innovative approach to prioritizing data sensitivity. We provided a security strategy and an event response plan for each vulnerability identified.

We expertly provided a dedicated staff of highly-skilled transformation and development staff of onshore and offshore professionals to execute on this engagement. The engagement’s Statement of Work specifications included input from Intone’s IT Infrastructure Managed Services team our Information Technology Architecture Design and Integration team, our Data Quality Cleansing, Integration IT Architecture, Enterprise Data Design, and Global IT risk Assessment teams.

Intone’s innovative approach throughout the project helped our client to successfully create and implement an intensive, detailed, and documented strategy that was the right blueprint and system redesigned for data migration. Our client experienced considerable gains from the improved performance of the IT organization and measurable returns from its new IT investments including better access and visibility of data across the enterprise.

They can now access valuable business insights through our innovative analytic configurations to perform detailed discovery research, for example, push-button visualizations of the percentage of their products based on common development platforms that are common across major product lines.

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