IT innovation generally is concerned with using technology in new ways to improve the efficiency of the organization and align them with business goals.

In today’s fast moving life trends in any space appear and disappear in the blink of an eye. However, there are a few trends which stick in the minds of people and acts as a catalyst of change for the future. A few such trends in IT and Product Development were introduced which managed to stick around.

One of those trends was ‘Re-platforming the enterprise’ which basically means companies moving to more common IT platforms in order to respond to market changes faster. These new platforms have great analytical insights, traverse according to the information flow of the business and are simple, so users can constantly change the business without writing (much) code.

Common platforms let companies shift their customization efforts from infrastructure to applications and the user experience, which is where the action lies.

To go with trends in IT Innovation, there were a few eye-catching trends in Product Development too.

Product Development is simply the creation of new products or improvements in new products with different characteristics which offer more value to the consumer.

One of the most noted trends in Product Development is ‘Distributed Teams’. It essentially means that a team working on the same project may not be in the same building or even in the same time zone. The reason for this trend is the new focus of the following talent, wherever it lies. This also spells in increased investment in collaboration tools to facilitate coordination between the teams.

Although these trends managed to stick around, there is no telling when they’ll be overthrown by the next idea that clicks. Such is the nature of business these days.