Supply Chain Inventory Management for Government Administrative Services.

Business Need

The East Coast-based Government Administrative Services Department was seeking an IT services partner to enable tracking items that qualified for FEMA reimbursement. This was critical as the Department required FEMA funding to cover the emergency spending for COVID pandemic preparedness. Their existing processes for outbound transactions were manual and too slow and cumbersome for a fast-paced emergency environment. Moreover, Manual, paper-based processes were involved in the movement and delivery of emergency goods delaying the tracking of these movements. Also, the current Supply Chain Inventory Management System did not allow for tracking inventory in temporary locations.

Intone’s Solution

Intone used Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications by leveraging ready-to-use data structure for workflows, transaction management, a security model, a common web-based user interface of views and forms, a tool for uploading and exporting individual and multiple records, audit tracking, and web services for integration with external data sources and systems.

We developed system integrations from FMS2 Crystal Report data to centralize the repository of Delivery, Receiving and Inventory Data for both COVID and Non- COVID goods. We developed a Reporting solution that synchronizes FMS2 inventory tracking with Supply Chain Inventory Management System inventory tracking. This Reporting solution specifically and accurately identifies the transactions qualifying for FEMA reimbursement and enables proper calculations of reimbursement amounts.

Benefits of Intone’s Solution

The new system allowed for COVID Deliveries to be tracked by Product and added a Quantity Adjustment feature to COVID Deliveries to account for any needed re-alignments on on-hand quantities, Data Reconciliation of COVID Products to allow for proper tracking of On Hand Quantities. Data Imports of DMO and DOHMH Historical deliveries.

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