Simplify IT infrastructure to quality of data and treatment

A large hospital system client with multiple facilities faced several challenges after deciding to improve the quality of their data and modernize their IT technology platforms. They needed to simplify, standardize and streamline their IT infrastructure platforms and to improve the quality of data utilized to manage and deliver better treatments and services, reduce R & D costs, comply with regulatory changes and effectively process data from different sources.

The client selected Intone to develop a comprehensive plan and manage the extensive infrastructure update and data consolidation and migration project. The parameters of the plan had to account for the health care industry regulations (including HIPPA’s stringent data privacy and security rules), implementation,access and identity management at all locations, and provide for a dynamic structure capable of flexibility and efficiency to allow for continued modifications for likely regulatory changes and technology upgrades,enhancements in the future.

Intone’s “Enterprise Services” bundled various IT services for our client and included our pledge to complete the infrastructure, transformation, data consolidation and migration project on time with a budget. We made the pledge with confidence; based on our firm’s broad knowledge base and our dedicated staff of highly-skilled transformation professionals; Subject Matter Experts; Project Managers, and our expert developer staff at our off-shore technology center.
The engagement’s Statement of Work specifications included:
IT Infrastructure Managed Services team, Information Technology Architecture Design, and Integration, Strategic Information Integration and Delivery, Enterprise Data Design, IT Policy Development, Enterprise Risk Assessment, Global IT Risk Assessment, IT Security / Cybersecurity,
Data Integration and Architecture, Business Continuity Plan, User Provisioning, Identity, and Access Management.

Our input helped our client successfully create and implement an intensive, detailed, and documented strategy that was the blueprint for the system infrastructure and data migration change for meeting all the required business and regulatory requirements. The client experienced considerable gains from the improved performance of the IT organization, reduced costs, and measurable returns from its IT investments including better access and visibility of data across the enterprise. The majority of the gains were realized by the reductions in system inefficiencies and client staff hours.

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