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With more than 50% of the global workforce working from home right now, unassigned spaces, poor density planning, and spaces that don’t reflect the workplace in your organization campus are leading to unnecessary maintenance spends and poor real estate utilization. This has created a huge need for intelligent workplace planning that embraces the new normal. 

In short, there is a huge demand for a robust IWMS solution that manages space, assets, projects, and risk while keeping your employers and visitors safe. This is exactly what we offer. IWMS solution offers a fully integrated approach using today’s accepted standard in Enterprise Information Modelling –EIM. This sophisticated software integrates data, roles, and goals to help you optimize daily performance, forecast needs, and keep your employees and visitors safe.

IWMS solution makes it possible for everyone in the organization from the boardroom to the equipment room, to make effective and informed decisions with the right information. Intone’s experienced consultants and proven methodologies ensure that you and your IWMS implementation have the greatest impact on your organization.

Today’s challenging and dynamic business environment makes it imperative for businesses to maximize revenue, and space and facilities management decisions with discipline. IWMS solutions enable our clients to use a framework that maximizes ROI and aligns the real estate portfolio with the overall corporate strategy and infrastructure priorities. Choosing Intone to deliver your IWMS software suite will minimize Cost to Implement, limit Risk, shorten Timelines, and maximize Return-on-Investment.  Our years of experience and expertise in IT system integration and software implementation enable us to swiftly deliver IWMS solutions that fit our client’s needs, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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