PSQAS System

Modernization of Public Service Qualification Assessment System (PSQAS) for large Government Administrative Services Department.

Business Need:

The Department was working on rebuilding the civil service exam systems to automate and improve the overall Civil Services Examination system including reducing setup and configuration time, Generate Notice of Exams (NOE), perform Job Analysis Questionnaire/Survey (JAQ), increase transparency to citizens, reduce the number of provisions, and make the examination system ADA compliant and mobile friendly for applicants.

Intone’s Solution:

Developed using Microsoft Dynamic CRM, the new system had an accessible, Integrated web-based and mobile accessible business process automation algorithm with a full 360-degree view of the Examination life cycle to record and share information with the examiner, other agencies and stakeholders alike, thereby providing a comprehensive view of examination interactions across communication channels and business units. The new system provided a scalable platform that enabled our client to update content and streamline internal workflows, while increasing compliance in a cost-effective manner.


The modernized PSQAS system improved the overall applicant experience, eliminated paper, reduced unnecessary work on Examinations and List Management & Audit (LMA) staff, and contributed to other existing efforts geared at modernizing the exam process.

  • Team specific Login, Dashboards and Accessibility control through security roles configuration.
  • Document management capabilities: Automatic content generation, editable, versioning including a PDF format.
  • Collaborative platform for easier communication and transparency between Reviewer groups and Exam development groups.
  • Automated Workflows and notifications for document navigating through approval stages.
  • Admin customizable features: Modifying or adding new questions for conditional content, template creation for frequently used content.

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