PSQAS System

Transformation of Public Service Qualification Assessment System (PSQAS) for large Government Administrative Services Department.

Business Need:

The Government Administrative Services IT Department was rebuilding the PSQAS by streamlining certain types of civil service exams, as well as laying the foundation for building additional automations. Currently, the exam systems are built on the .NET framework, integrating with Microsoft CRM Dynamics and Mainframe systems. It includes a public facing applicant portal, and an internally used exam administration portal.
The key objective of this PSQAS system was to develop an end-to-end system, to streamline the administration of current Education & Experience Test Paper (EETP) exam’s generation and manual scoring process, as well as to implement an automated appeal process to support all types of exams.

Our Solution:

Intone delivered the new PSQAS system with newly incorporated and modernized key features:

  • Create / Configure Education & Experience test part without a complex scoring formula.
  • Calculate tentative scores once all questions are answered and finally submitted.
  • Allow participants to appeal their scores to all types of exams, as well as supporting exam administrators to manage the appeal process.
  • Create a Foreign Education (FE) repository to allow exam administrators to maintain applicant’s foreign education evaluation certificates and utilize this data for evaluating applicant’s education during exam taking, scoring, and appealing process.


In overall new PSQAS system improved the overall applicant experience, eliminate paper, reduce unnecessary work on Examinations and List Management & Audit (LMA) staff, and contribute to other existing efforts geared at modernizing the exam process.

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