After the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have never remained the same. Both independent and dependent aspects of them, including their business models, their method, and mode of operations, have changed and continue to change at an increasing pace. One wouldn’t be surprised to acknowledge that, most of the businesses that functioned through physical and social contact with their customers have now taken their whole point-of-contact online. Social distancing has not only kept us from seeing each other but has also curbed our chances of buying products and services through physical touch – which was significant to the preponderance of consumers, pre-COVID-19. 

A recent research by McKinsey has found that responses and reactions to COVID-19 have speeded the adaptation of technology by several years and argues that it is here for the long haul. It is therefore very pivotal for businesses to create new digital product and service offerings for the consumers, including shifting their physical shop online, at the earliest. There is no time to waste. Businesses will have to leave no stone unturned to accomplish this next stage of transformation. Failure to do so could lead them to lose their consumer base to their competitors who have adapted to the new changing business world. 

Cognizant of the increasing demand for digitization, companies are looking for experts who can help achieve that, especially pertaining to a very significant aspect of digital transformation – UI/UX design and implementation. 

Look at these key stats. Every $1 invested in UX brings about 9,900% ROI. An expert-designed UI could increase a business’ website conversion by 200% and a better UX could yield a double conversion rate of 400%. While the positive benefits of instigating a complete overhaul to re-design and re-implement new UI/UX designs and mechanisms, one cannot ignore the downsides on the account of negligence in failing to do so, including the costs-to-the company. 

Just for an example, an incompetent UI and irregular UX could cost the business prospective clients and customers. Did you know that 70% of customers abandon purchases because of bad user experience? Wowza! That’s a lot of dollars down the drain!

While businesses transition towards digitization, they must give proper and immediate attention to providing a seamless user experience, which is unequivocally achieved only through standard and fool-proof UI and UX design. However, reaching that goal isn’t easy. There are many common mistakes that businesses make, which incur tremendous costs in the long run. A single mistake in the design of the user interface could turn into a blunder, if not corrected and rectified at the earliest. 

At Intone Networks, Inc we recognize these rising challenges amongst various others that businesses are facing when implementing a strong suit of UI and UX for their customers. Our team of research and design experts goes above and beyond, giving attention to even the minute details. Delivery by our experts, who are adept at the science of CTA design and implementation, concise text and tab creation, design of micro-interactions (thereby providing a competitive edge for increased return on investments), will be consistently above-par.

Our team’s expertise also helps in delivering key outcomes for your business’ UI and UX design and implementation – including solving challenges of unresponsive design, cluttered layout, unintuitive navigation, irregular generic imagery, text overload, slow page loading speed, etc.

Our expertise just doesn’t stop there. Our team can deliver to you the best industrial solutions to all the common problems and issues that companies including SMEs face in UI and UX transformation. We even do it at a very modest price.  

We understand the subtle and major flaws of UI and UX design that are costing companies and businesses their customers, money, time, and resources. Our team helps you quickly identify such snags, and helps in correcting them, all the while building a holistic and seamless navigation mechanism that is not only easy-to-use but also state of the art. 

We help you get to where you want to be. Another technique in our arsenal is providing a UI/UX design having accurately comprehended the holistic picture of what matters to your customers by eliminating all unwanted and unprofitable white noise in the digital space. 

Text about your digital product and service offerings is good, but too much text is never too good. Our team always exceeds our clients’ expectations in incorporating apt infographics, favicons, and graphic icons for UI/UX features on your new online website. 

If you are looking for such a transformation towards the digitization of your company, look no further. We are here to work with you in achieving that! Companies lose billions of dollars annually due to the slow pace of adaptation with digitization. 

It is time for you to reap benefits with a complete in and out make-over of your online portfolio, thus increasing and maintaining customer acquisitions, satisfaction, and retention. Wait no more! It is time you beat your competitors in the digital race. 

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