Continuous Control Monitoring In Healthcare

Streamline your control testing and risk management operations instantly through continuous control monitoring in healthcare – covering all three lines of defense in healthcare.

Are your control testing and monitoring efforts still hampered by:

Data quality
Limited sample sizes
False positives
Manual aggregation
Monitoring that is time-consuming, inconsistent, or delayed?

EagleEye 365 offers real-time 100% monitoring to secure and error-free healthcare data, reducing risks and providing peace of mind.

Why EagleEye 365?

EagleEye 365 enhances your existing GRC tools through the real-time connectivity, automation, continuous monitoring, and visualization of key risks & controls.

By connecting all of your applications into a single enterprise platform – along with continuous monitoring of 100% of your transactions in real time – you can substantially reduce risk and achieve your key objectives across all 3 lines of defense.

A Shared Platform for All 3 Lines of Defense

Data Integration

Controls Automation (BPA)

Continuous Monitoring

Incident & Issue Management

Performance Reporting

Process Improvement

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