Expanding client’s efficiency for global R&D operations

Our client, a large natural gas and oil company, engaged with us to expand its efficiency related to their global R&D group’s operations. Our team recognized areas where innovation would best produce the performance and time-to-market factors our client required to compete in the industry.

Our client collaborates with public and private entities across the industry spectrum from government laboratories, universities, and high tech type to large research incubators to help new and startup companies. Their R&D projects cover a wide range of ideas, from the development of advanced fuels to data processing improvement within the IT industry.

Our client wanted to maintain their successful market growth momentum and identified product development as the business driver of their profitability. They needed a scalable and efficient CRM and framework to manage the development processes and expanding collaboration partners, and vendor relationship base.

Our client’s R&D department sponsored this engagement and we set a course to design, develop, and implement an innovative plan, to increase efficiency and the collaboration potential covering all key client process phases. Our industry experience and knowledge of the power industry and leveraged use of data analytics along with a new CRM were key factors and built into this engagement.

As an experienced consultant on numerous CRM implementations, we knew the path to meet the customer goals was selecting a cloud-based CRM system. Intone recommended Microsoft Dynamics 365, determined as suitable and most innovative platform for our client. Key attributes and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 are its scalability and design; allowing for a fully customized suite of ‘software as a service (SaaS)’ applications which address all of our client’s unique industry-specific processes. Intone’s project plan included the development of process workflows by business case methodology, testing, and user interviews. Using an Agile iterative development approach, Intone managed the design, build, testing and Go Live phases.

Each iteration advanced towards the final customized application (including additional functionalities due to new requests from the ongoing operation); a change management protocol was established (for patches, new releases, upgrades, and to enable growth to naturally evolve the system’s value to our client).

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