Examination of internal operating effectiveness of healthcare client

The healthcare companies are balancing the quality and cost of care while serving a rapidly ageing population and rising healthcare costs in the midst of increasing regulatory pressure and global competition.
Our client embarked on an aggressive benchmarking examination of internal operating effectiveness to assess and exceed their competitors. Our client took on a strategy to completely assess internal operational and delivery requirements to fully comprehend and transform the business. Just like the other firms in their industry, our client sought to execute procedures and internal strategies to outperform competitors and become an industry leader.

The initial focus of the benchmarking examination included identifying key performance indicators and measurements to quantify and assess the results of the organization’s daily operations. Our analysts and benchmarking specialists proceeded to identify and gather the assessment criteria of the competitors’ information. The information was obtained from several hundred pertinent industry sources.

The action plan offered by Intone’s benchmarking examination specialists enabled our client to operate more effectively and take advantage of additional revenue streams. The focused benchmarking enabled the development of predictive and prescriptive analytics and metrics to address the previously underperforming benchmarked areas. The value added by Intone’s benchmarking examination include the analytical tools and knowledge gained to fully leverage and create a sustainable benchmarking effort, while concurrently developing procedures to ensure the consistent production of quality data and the ability to rank its order of importance.

The action plan was proposed keeping in view the fact that firms must seek new products and services and implement more effective processes to face escalating competition, changing regulations and standards, and more of a focus that is shifting towards integrating various stakeholders to provide better healthcare.

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