Equipping client’s devices with bluetooth and collect information for business operations

Our client, a media company with subsidiaries providing cable services engaged with Intone to perform an assessment of their digital, mobile footprint and develop a solution to integrate with their production processes. They wanted their digital devices equipped with Bluetooth to collect information and customers’ interactions for their business operations.

Intone partnered with one of our group companies: Five Axioms, which handles our Mobility Solution Services. Five Axioms Inc. is a new breed mobile engagement partner spanning business, technology, and user experience. Our client desired the new framework to be able to communicate to their cloud CRM (customer management system) to share and receive what data is needed.

Drawing upon our deep knowledge of mobility and industry best practices, we lead our clients in the development of their desired strategies, mobility business, and technology plans, along with the design and implementation of the mobility solutions produced to drive enterprise and customer value.

Intone conducted the digital assessment of the controls and workflow processes our client sought to digitize and developed an innovative solution to meet their industry-specific needs. We advised our clients on emerging technologies and approaches that optimize interactions and engagements with their employees, customers, and partners. We fully collaborated with our clients on the design and development of their individualized mobile solutions to now foster a new user engagement experience, optimized productivity, and increased revenue generation.

Our client was now able to possess an all-encompassing cloud-based mobile footprint with operational features, requested through open user surveys that exceeded the expectations of the project’s goal. The “Go Live” roll-out strategy enabled the organization to introduce many new capabilities and build progressive enhancements going forward, as technology advancements resulting in business development.

We leveraged Five Axioms ongoing, innovative insights that produced and enhanced client collaboration. Our client also met a key goal of retaining its top-rated technicians and administrative staff to serve their growing customer base more effectively.

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