Digital workplace planning post-COVID-19

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has changed the way the world operates in just a span of a few months. One such major change that came as a result of COVID-19 is the work from the home model for employees during this time. This is not a new concept and many organizations and companies have already been practising work from home even before the outbreak of COVID-19. But the scale at which the WFH is implemented now is massive and is enabled heavily by digital technologies. This new-age workforce and workplace that is connected by digital technologies have led to the rise of digital workplace strategies that are aimed to promote efficiency, growth, and innovation in the organization. 

Many people are using the phrase ‘new normal’ to describe this new work from home and digital workplace model. But, is it really going to become normal and continue post-COVID-19? Why are companies so eager to implement digital workplace strategies

What is digital workplace planning?

With the fast-paced work environment today, employees are required to work faster and collaborate more efficiently to meet the deadline. But achieving these in the current distributed workforce is not possible with the traditional workplace strategies. The current workforce needs a digitally enabled environment that is always connected in such a way that the whole workforce can collaborate and communicate in many new and effective ways with the help of various digital tools and technologies. Thus, to manage this new wave of industry evolution, many organizations have implemented a digital workplace strategy. 

Digital workplace strategy combines the power of digital technologies to break down the communication barriers and transform the employee experience, thus driving true change within the organization. It is characterized by all the technologies employees use to do their jobs more efficiently. It consists of a holistic set of platforms, tools, and environments for work that are delivered in a usable, coherent, and productive way.

Why are companies so eager to implement digital workplace strategies?

Remote working comes with its own set of challenges. The employees who are working from home are multitasking at a much greater level while logging into several applications on multiple devices for work. These applications might not be optimized for mobile use or for multitasking. There is also an issue of collaboration between employees that severely affect their work experience as well as the company’s productivity. Then, there is the complication of delay in data transmission. A well-executed digital workplace strategy can provide solutions for all these issues. 

Moreover, a digital workplace comes with its own set of benefits like increased efficiency and productivity. With a digital workplace, employees working remotely can build meaningful connections and have real-time communication and collaboration with their peers to get the support they require to complete tasks assigned to them. According to a report by VMware(, 87% of organizations believe that a digital workplace can drive at least 5% additional revenue growth over three years.

Digital workplace post-COVID-19:

The traditional workforce has become things of the past now. The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the mindsets of organizations and employees alike. Even the companies that felt remote working was not possible are implementing remote working successfully with the help of digital workplace planning. Moreover, many organizations are planning to continue the current remote working model as this has only resulted in increased efficiency and reduced costs. 

The digital workplace is just a natural evolution of the traditional workplace. Thus, by Transforming your workplace into a digital workplace, you empower your employees to work agilely, collaboratively, and securely from anywhere in the world. Innovators like Intone Networks enable seamless sharing, management, communication, collaboration, governance, and controls to achieve higher overall business performance with our tailored digital workplace planning services to your workforce.