Developing CRM system for client to modernize their processes

Our client, a state financial assistance program, was started to provide funds for low-income state residents to pay high medical expenses not covered by medical insurance. The program experienced multiple growth spurts during dips in the national economy. Intone was engaged to modernize their processes and develop a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Our client’s existing procedures were mostly paper-based, manual tasks that were inefficient and error-prone. As the agency’s growth continued they lacked the scalability they needed. Data was isolated and not integrated, user adoption to prior efforts to streamline and create operational efficiency was low, and the lack of integration resulted in key constituent information being processed outside of the system. Intone developed a plan to migrate all processes to a CRM system to facilitate scalability for their continued growth patterns and not lose ground to the inefficiencies they were experiencing.

We partnered with our client in the CRM selection and our client chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 based on an evaluation of several CRM packages, finding the configuration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 which was the best fit for their industry-specific, public sector business model. Our client had the technical savvy to examine the benefits that Microsoft Dynamics provides.

They set an ambitious completion date and required an experienced partner to help them quickly apply best practices and steer the efforts to meet their projected milestone for implementation. Our client selected Intone as their partner for this major change because of our extensive design, build, launch and test experience within the ERP/CRM space. We purged, corrected, and normalized their current data records to ensure validity prior to migration into new CRM. We formed a dynamic and effective partnership with our client to complete the changes and implementation well ahead of schedule on budget.

Intone developed numerous innovative techniques to re-engineer our client’s consumer application review and ranking process including the creation of alerts, sent automatically, that prompt the next steps in the procedure. This provided timely, detailed actions for every application and also brought another level of consistency to how our clients deliver their financial assistance services.

Potential applicants that qualify are entered in Microsoft Dynamics and processed through the new, automated needs-based ranking and funds available solution to more efficiently inform all agency staff of the resident’s assistance status. Our client now possesses a CRM system that provides for real-time application, ranking, enrollment, and operating information required to make accurate decisions to deliver their community service assistance and educate their low-income target population to continue to increase benefits delivery and provide the timely, financial relief their residents need.

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