Continuous Control Monitoring In Banking

Streamline your operations with instant control testing and risk management through Intone’s continuous control monitoring in the banking industry covering all three lines of defense to guarantee maximum security.

Are your control testing and monitoring efforts still hampered by:

Data quality
Limited sample sizes
False positives
Manual aggregation
Monitoring that is time-consuming, inconsistent, or delayed?

EagleEye365 continuous control monitoring in the banking industry ensures secure and accurate data through real-time monitoring, minimizing risks and promoting peace of mind.

Why EagleEye 365?

Eagleeye 365 is the solution to protecting your enterprise and unlocking its potential. With real-time connectivity, automation and 100% continuous monitoring of transactions across all 3 lines of defense in banking.

You can maximize risk reduction while meeting key objectives securely. Automate GRC processes with visualization tools for better insight into risks & controls today!

A Shared Platform for All 3 Lines of Defense

Data Integration

Controls Automation (BPA)

Continuous Monitoring

Incident & Issue Management

Performance Reporting

Process Improvement

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