Emerging technologies have the potential to change how these industries operate. One such major technology that has readily changed how today’s industries operate is Cloud computing. However, the uptake of new technologies is traditionally slow for pharmaceutical companies due to strict regulation and compliance issues. But the COVID-19 pandemic has been a wake-up call for the pharma industry to rethink its operations. Realizing the true potential of digital technologies, pharma companies are increasingly harnessing the power of advanced technologies to reduce costs and streamline their workloads. Today, cloud computing in the pharmaceutical industry is not just a storage solution, it has evolved to address significant privacy, security, and compliance challenges that the pharmaceutical industry faces. Here is how cloud computing in the pharmaceutical industry is driving the industry towards innovation and efficiency. 

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Cloud computing speeds up the Drug discovery process.

The research and development of a single drug can span over many years and Cloud-based high-performance computing will help researchers access virtually unlimited storage and computing resources that can help organize resources and guide initial surveys. Data, including lab, imagery, and statistical analysis data, can all be delivered at speed with the help of cloud-based infrastructure. This saves valuable time during the early R&D stages. This technology, combined with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) opens up a wave of opportunities for pharmaceutical companies to speed up commercial results and save costs. These productivity savings, coupled with the operational savings can all be put back into the R&D efforts. Thus, cloud computing in the pharmaceutical industry helps speed up the drug discovery process. 

Cloud computing enables seamless collaboration

The recent pandemic has made us understand the importance of the globalization of healthcare. Pharma companies often collaborate and work with a range of partners including biotech firms and research firms located anywhere in the world. This is where cloud computing comes in. With cloud computing in the pharmaceutical industry, there is scope to integrate and standardize these information flows to create a truly efficient, streamlined collaboration platform. This technology also provides pharma companies with greater control over their scalability potential. Moreover, pharmaceutical companies often collaborate with other companies to discover and develop new drugs. In such cases, the cloud can help companies come together to share a common platform while keeping their independent data safe and secured. Thus, cloud computing in the pharmaceutical industry enables a quick, efficient and secure way to deliver the value of their work. 

Cloud computing ensures secure data sharing during clinical trials

Clinical research and clinical trials are transforming from a paper-driven model into one that is almost wholly electronic. Right now, wearables and smartphone technology are enabling researchers to collect data directly from clinical research trial participants. But despite having this advanced model to collect data and a high-speed computer to compute this data, clinical trials still take a long time. This is because clinical trials generate a large amount of data that often go underutilized due to obstacles that prevent data sharing including data misrepresentation and risking patient privacy. The solution is to bring clinical trial management into the cloud computing infrastructure. Having one centralized “console” in the cloud from which to query, receive and archive feedback vastly speeds up the clinical trial process. It also helps researchers aggregate clinical data and analyze them at the granular level. Thus, cloud computing in the pharmaceutical industry for clinical trials ensures professional-grade security and discretion of valuable collaborative input. 

Cloud computing supports pharma marketing operations

Every player in the pharmaceutical industry wants to enhance and personalize patient engagement while also lowering costs to reduce the risk while tapping into new markets. This is exactly why pharma companies are increasingly investing in cloud computing in recent years. Cloud computing has made leaps and bounds over the last few years and offers a huge opportunity for pharma companies to boost their marketing activities. It allows marketers in the pharmaceutical industry to function more efficiently wherever they are and thus allows them to directly access tonnes of data instantly. Implementing cloud computing in the pharma industry also maximizes cost efficiency, improves communication among marketers, and optimizes the digital media spend that could save millions of dollars. This is how cloud computing in the pharmaceutical industry supports marketing operations.  

Constant and persistent innovation is the key driver of today’s multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry. With the digitalization accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic, the market for cloud computing in the pharmaceutical industry is expected to experience rapid growth as regulatory issues are ironed out and security fears settle down. Moreover, the future will see a further explosion of data and it is only wise for the pharmaceutical industry to adopt digital technologies such as cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Big data analytics, and IoT to withstand the demands of tomorrow. For those ready to seize the opportunity and meet the challenge, we at Intone are creating new and innovative strategies that result in infinite new possibilities to reinvent the patient experience and redefine the future of the pharmaceutical and life sciences. We offer a full range of services that set the gold standard in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry by creating innovative, intelligent, intuitive, and integrated solutions including patient services and CRM, R&D, supply chain, cloud migration, commercial services, financial transformation, GRC, and technology design, build and integration. Let us transform your pharmaceutical company and raise new levels in science.