In just a year, the world has been transformed, the way to do business has been re-written and the COVID-19 pandemic has become synonymous with working from home for many people. Not only the nature of work, but workplaces have also been substantially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to ensure the safety of the working environment, employers have had to implement changes to the workplace like adapting workstations to ensure social distancing, limiting the total number of people on the campus. 

Your enterprise real estate portfolio, facilities, and infrastructure represent a significant organizational investment. With more than 50% of the global workforce working from home right now, unassigned spaces, poor density planning, and spaces that don’t reflect the workplace in your organization campus are leading to poor real estate utilization and unnecessary maintenance spends. This is why it is crucial for organizations worldwide to find a solution in which they can effectively balance real estate costs with the selection and utilization of facilities in a way that best contributes to their goal. In short, there is a huge demand for customized IWMS solutions. This is exactly what Intone, in a strategic partnership with Archibus offers.

Why Intone x Archibus?

Today’s challenging and dynamic business environment makes it imperative for businesses to maximize revenue, and space and facilities management decisions with discipline. Intone Archibus partnership is an integrated approach to mitigating COVID-19 while keeping your workplace running and your employees safe. Intone’s IWMS solutions enable you to use a framework that maximizes ROI and aligns the real estate portfolio with the overall corporate strategy and infrastructure priorities. It effectively acts as a single access point for different software platforms that can streamline workflows among and between teams. 

With this strategic partnership with Archibus, we offer a fully integrated approach using today’s accepted standard in Enterprise Information Modelling –EIM that integrates data, roles, and goals to help you optimize daily performance, forecast needs, and keep your employees and visitors safe. This makes it possible for everyone in the organization from the boardroom to the equipment room, to make effective and informed decisions with the right information. Here are a few benefits of implementing Intone’s IWMS solutions in your organization.

Key Benefits of Intone x Archibus IWMS solutions:

Efficient Space optimization:

Intone’s IWMS solutions deliver an accurate picture of your facilities data enterprise-wide that enables you to utilize reports and dashboards with embedded key performance indicators to help you quickly identify inefficient areas within your facilities and make smarter decisions around space utilization. It can also help you optimize current and future space utilization, enhance facility maintenance and enterprise asset management programs and improve real estate and leasing decisions across the complete building portfolio, and safeguard facility and sustainability projects. In short, it helps you to consolidate space, track occupancy and explore alternative space plans. Thus, you can plan and use your existing space more efficiently.  

Reduced costs

Intone’s IWMS brings real estate and facilities management data together to provide powerful key insights that enable facility professionals and executive management to make educated decisions about the space portfolio. This helps you automate workplace reservations, services and provides a deeper insight into maintenance. This preventative and condition-based maintenance through tracking helps understand the condition of the buildings and assets and reduces the time, cost, and labor of maintenance. Moreover, with the real-time and accurate data from the system, the management can make better decisions regarding leases, and property inventory that further saves cost. 

Extend asset life cycles:

This is an integrated platform that enables you to effectively manage your entire portfolio of real estate and assets. You can track, evaluate and manage your real estate portfolio and gain deeper visibility into the condition of property classes. This way you can diagnose maintenance and service requirements and anticipate the condition of an asset based on its utilization. Thus, you can extend asset life cycles with a complete asset strategy. This also helps you deliver high-quality occupant experiences by providing the right mix of space management, workplace services, and user interactions. 

Efficient facilities maintenance

It is crucial to keep building occupants comfortable and safe during these trying times. With the help of Intone IWMS solutions, you can maintain a database of necessary information like maintenance requests, inventory, vendor, warranties, work orders, and other associated costs. It further helps your organization to streamline the existing process for space management, move management, facility operations, lease management, project management, and strategic planning making.  

With the increasing need for operational efficiency and proper management of the workplace in the wake of COVID-19, IWMS solutions are becoming a necessary requirement for all companies. With the strategic partnership with Archibus, Intone’s Integrated Workplace Management Solutions can minimize disruption in your business process through continuous planning, management, and monitoring of maintenance. This increases your overall operational, financial, and environmental performance. Intone also provides digital workplace planning services to tap into the full potential of your digital workplace. We help you enable sharing, management, communication, collaboration, governance, and controls to achieve higher overall business performance. Let us help you unleash the power of enterprise value and performance with our IWMS solutions.


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